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Fair Warning - Every day is a Sunday now

Hi. I missed last week's edition because it turns out global pandemics are really stressful and when
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Every day is a Sunday now
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #108 • View online
Hi. I missed last week’s edition because it turns out global pandemics are really stressful and when I’m stressed I get migraines? So I was basically about as useful as a chocolate teapot last weekend and spent most of it with a flannel on my head, too exhausted to think. Three-and-a-half weeks into isolation and I am still trying to figure out what works for me.
I have a proposition for you all… I am fully aware that on the spectrum of coronavirus info there are people who are feeling completely overwhelmed, and people who are reading everything they can about it. I don’t want to lose any people due to corona-overload but I also want to help those who are interested. My proposal is for two editions of Fair Warning a week (migraine-dependent obv…) - one which is everything to do with coronavirus, and a ‘normal’ non-coronavirus edition.
I’ll trial it next weekend if I’m well enough; it will be clear which one is which, so you can delete if you feel too overwhelmed. If you feel strongly either way you can tweet me @SophieWarnes or reply to this email. :)

Coronavirus content
How the Virus Got Out
On the home front
A game of two halves - Globalisation has left lower-league football clubs behind
Over the pond
The Evolution of the American Census
Trump's Middle East plan and a century of failed deals
Keeping Focus
Shortly before all this madness kicked off, I was thinking of starting a new monthly newsletter about photography. I used to be a picture editor and I miss it a lot! I didn’t get very far in setting it up or finding a decent name, but I thought in these weird times, good photography can be uplifting and inspiring so here we go…
Thanks for reading. I normally put Ko-Fi and my Patreon links here but as I said last time, I am fortunate that I can work (I mean, there are pros and cons…) and in these difficult times there are many more people in desperate need of money than me. If you liked this issue, consider donating to a charity like Mind, Shelter, a local food bank, or your favourite charity. ^_^ Stay safe and well.
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