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Fair Warning - Employment, Inflation, and Fried Food

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Employment, Inflation, and Fried Food
By Soph Warnes • Issue #145 • View online
The last couple of weeks I’ve been consumed by a weird virus that has given me tonsillitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, tinnitus and probably some more things ending in “itis” that I’ve forgotten about. It’s been fun having to cancel all of my plans for three weeks. Recovering now, but can I just say: OOF.
Some interesting things I’ve read lately:

On the home front
How UK job vacancies have reached a record high
Over the pond
Mapping the Cities of US Highway Signs
Google data shows how GOP can feast on vulnerable Dems
Georgia Shows Just How Broken American Unemployment Benefits Are
How Africa will become the center of the world’s urban future
Odds and ends
The fry universe 🍟
I enjoyed the novelty of this AR presentation of data about feeding and changing diapers for a newborn. It felt very Hans Rosling, and I think it’s easy to get excited about but I haven’t really seen an example of this kind of thing where that adds value to data presentation. But maybe I am just being a luddite!
That’s everything for this week. Thanks so much for reading.
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