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Fair Warning - Dogs, death, and taxes

Hello! It's been so long since I last sent one of these! I was in eastern Europe for a couple of week
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Dogs, death, and taxes
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #94 • View online
Hello! It’s been so long since I last sent one of these! I was in eastern Europe for a couple of weeks and the trip was somewhat more adventurous than I had been bargaining for - I ended up visiting hospitals in Transnistria, Ukraine and Moldova. There’s a blog with photos here - I’m biased but I’d like to think it’s an interesting read! I didn’t think I would come back as an expert on rabies AND be able to understand Cyrillic, but there you go.
I also went to the exclusion zone near Chernobyl which was… phenomenal. We stood 200 metres from the sarcophagus which was the weirdest feeling, and of course, we snuck into some of the buildings in Pripyat. I’ll write about that later.
First, some non-data links that I thought were interesting:
This week’s Fair Warning will be a bit longer; sorry in advance.

On the home front
Ye Olde Mad-Lib Pub Crawl Generator
Over the pond
The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions in America
35 Years Of American Death
Where, when and how to find the best fall colors across the United States
Do safe-injection sites work?
India is running out of water
Odds and ends
Where do adoptable dogs in your state come from?
How much fuel a Saturn V burned per second… in elephants. No, I don’t really get it either but it’s kind of cool, maybe? Maybe?
Stats of the week
It has been an inspiring couple of weeks in the sporting world. I started running a couple of months ago so I feel like I understand it a bit more now. Eliud Kipchoge just became the first athlete to run a marathon in under two hours.
To put this into context: There are 1,704 parkruns in the world. Kiphoge’s slowest 5km split of 14:14 would set a course record at… 1,693 of them. And another: Only five of the 51,363,611 parkruns ever completed have been faster than his target pace. Incredible. 🤯
Bad chart of the week
I tend to assume that the purpose of data vis is to make things easier for people to understand - “a picture is worth a thousand words”, right?
On that basis, this fails, because I still don’t understand why it’s sliced this way or why the heights are different given that the US and Australia are both 59%:
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