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Fair Warning - Dialects, egg shapes, and the race to 2020

Hey! It's Sunday! I've spent the morning listening to recommendations from Flow State, one of the few
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Dialects, egg shapes, and the race to 2020
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #71 • View online
Hey! It’s Sunday! I’ve spent the morning listening to recommendations from Flow State, one of the few newsletters I sign up to. I’m always grateful when I have the excuse to listen to the links in the newsletter. They make me feel peaceful AND productive! Today I’m all about Music for Nine Post Cards by Hiroshi Yoshimura.

On the home front
The British-Irish Dialect Quiz
Over the pond
Since Parkland: 12 Months. 1,200 Kids Killed by Gun Violence.
Why Italy’s Debts Are Europe’s Big Problem
Odds and ends
In trying to find some more unique articles that people may not have already seen, I’m expanding this section quite considerably since I can’t categorise anything any other way…
Cracking the mystery of egg shape
There have been a few of these temperature-since-1900 things, but I don’t think* I’ve seen this exact one before, and I like it. *I have a notoriously unreliable memory, so the chances are I have seen it but I have erased it from my memory.
I don’t really know why I always find myself surprised at how historical cultural connections can influence how people vote… I suppose it’s fascinating because it speaks to the impact of whatever happened, that people still diverge so much. Anyway, someone superimposed the border of the Second Polish Republic on the electoral results of the elections in Ukraine and Lithuania, and it is… really striking.
You’ve probably all seen it by now, but this Captain Marvel website genuinely took me back to being about 12, when I was teaching myself HTML and CSS and I thought the marquee tag was the coolest thing ever. I even had a guestbook. Oh my.
Bad chart of the week
I found this on Twitter and I have no idea who made it:
There are a couple of things here (who knew 18-year-olds are still in nappies?) but mostly pie charts with different graphics in the slices. 😬My well-publicised hatred of pie charts is extreme but I think others would agree with me. Don’t do this! This is what words and legends are for!
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