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Fair Warning - Coolio, Mars, and reopenings

I had warned when I started my new job that I would struggle to spend a lot of time on Fair Warning,
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Coolio, Mars, and reopenings
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #121 • View online
I had warned when I started my new job that I would struggle to spend a lot of time on Fair Warning, and so it has come to pass. I could list all the ways I am busy and all the things I have had to let go, and people would still tell me I can definitely make time for stuff. Mostly this is a by-product of working east coast hours while in the UK - I am working while friends are socialising etc, so my weekends are booked up with socialising, and then I have no time to write or relax on my own.
I’ll find balance eventually, but it might mean that Fair Warning gets dropped or is shorter for a while. Sorry about that. :)
Fun things:
  • Magic Sketchpad - pick a thing to draw, start drawing it, and let the AI take over. Sheer delight when it works!
  • Sandspiel - This is the predecessor to the orb thing from the last newsletter. Turns out I am a pixel pyromaniac.
  • - A free REST API with Kanye quotes. Mostly I am extremely appreciative of the pun.
Stat of the week: Thanks to my insomnia brain and Dan Cookson apparently also not being able to sleep, we now know that the Queen is older than ~75% of housing stock in England and Wales.

Over the pond
How Local Covid Deaths Are Affecting Vote Choice
Where Biden and Trump stand on key issues
The Mars Space Race: Why NASA is Launching Perseverance Rover Now
Odds and ends
What 90s songs do Gen Z recognise?
That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, you can buy my tired arse a coffee, or you can support Fair Warning on Patreon (note: I don’t do anything extra on there, it’s just an easy way to organise recurring payments). ALSO if you enjoyed this week’s, please forward to others who might also like reading about cool stuff on the internet. :)
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