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Fair Warning - Cocktails, earthquakes, and eggs

Hello! Happy new year to you - I assume you had a good one, whether that be chilling with family, or
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Cocktails, earthquakes, and eggs
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #102 • View online
Hello! Happy new year to you - I assume you had a good one, whether that be chilling with family, or getting drunk and standing in the cold watching fireworks.
My year has got off to a sterling start - I spent NYD watching Cats (which should be at least subtitled Extreme Close Ups of Jennifer Hudson’s Tearful Snotty Lips, if not entirely renamed that). Here’s our film review in facial expressions and a ranty thread from me on its absurdity. I’ll save you the money and horror though: Don’t see it, it’s bad. Frankly, my year’s been fairly shaky from there. I went for my first run today though, and that felt pretty good. :)
Remember, there’s now a Fair Warning archive which is searchable so if there’s a data story I’ve featured previously that you’re trying to find then that might be helpful for you.

On the home front
UK dementia diagnoses rise 40% in five years
Over the pond
A Decade of Urban Transformation, Seen From Above
Impeachment of the Tweeter-in-Chief
Trump reductions to Bears Ears National Monument: what remains
Odds and ends
Here lies a bunch of cool stuff that didn’t fit neatly anywhere else so I just dumped it all here and I hope that’s ok.
Run, paste, publish — how scripts help us to rapidly respond to news
The prospect of parenthood makes people more law-abiding
The Nest Egg Game: Your Life in 10 Financial Milestones
An Analysis of Online Sermons in US Churches
Hopefully that’s enough to see you into 2020 with a data-tastic bang (don’t; I’m cringing inside). If you enjoy reading this week-in, week-out, or if you missed me over the Christmas period (I missed you! I did!) then why not forward this email to a friend and let them share in the joy?? Also, you can buy me a coffee or sign up to be a Patron. See you next week! Soph.
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