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Fair Warning - Census, Google results, and Eurovision

Hello! Firstly, thank you to the people who bought me coffees last week; it is much appreciated! This
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Census, Google results, and Eurovision
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #84 • View online
Hello! Firstly, thank you to the people who bought me coffees last week; it is much appreciated!
This week I started skateboarding (because YOLO and why not break a limb?). Unbeknown to me this is apparently a thing that only children do, so imagine my surprise when I rocked up only to find that it was me and a bunch of 8-year-olds. You know that Steve Buscemi meme? Literally me. But aside from almost taking out a cockapoo, it went well. A bunch of parents (to be clear: around the same age as me) said I was “really brave”. I laughed inside.
Also this week, I optimised an R script I’ve been working on, not once, but twice. Do I feel like an unstoppable force of nerdery? YES.

On the home front
Brits want to leave Eurovision... by 52% to 48% | YouGov
Over the pond
Which 2020 Candidates Are More (Or Less) Popular Than They ‘Should’ Be? | FiveThirtyEight
Google rewards reputable reporting, not left-wing politics
Odds and ends
A new book says married women are miserable. Don’t believe it
Stop Playing Monopoly With Your Kids (And Play These Games Instead)
Bad chart of the week
Someone asked 11-year-olds what they thought of Brexit, and then for some reason visualised the data from the responses in a completely nonsensical way:
WTF is this telling you?
WTF is this telling you?
Ok, that’s it for another week. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Remember, if you’re enjoying Fair Warning, please forward and encourage others to sign up to get the fun straight to their inbox. Buy me a coffee if you particularly enjoyed this one, or consider becoming a Fair Warning Patron. My relationship with Twitter is flaky AF, but I can reliably be contacted with a reply to this email.
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