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Fair Warning - Celibacy, beards, and anxiety

Hi! Welcome to another edition of Fair Warning. This week I went back to London, had coffee with fell
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Celibacy, beards, and anxiety
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #75 • View online
Hi! Welcome to another edition of Fair Warning. This week I went back to London, had coffee with fellow newsletter legend/arch rival Giuseppe (selfie proof), and discussed data journalism as part of a fab panel for Women in Journalism.
I found this piece about the internet in the good old days genuinely heartwarming, very wholesome and extremely relatable. Personally thanks to the internet, I have - among other friends - an American ‘mom’ who I’ve known since I was 15 and adore, but not yet met. In my experience, the internet made the world smaller and more interesting in my teens, and has continued to do so.

On the home front
Y'know Troy’s timeline in Community with the pizza? I am Troy, you get the idea.
Over the pond
People Kill People. But the Bullets Seem to Matter
I shouldn’t laugh but I absolutely did: The share of Americans not having sex is at a record high, and most of them are young men. There’s an interesting Twitter thread where the author goes into more detail, suggesting that low labour participation rates among that group = less likely to have relationships = less sex. And that young men living with parents is somewhat of a barrier to having sex. Can I be blunt? The bar is pretty low: Have men tried being more interesting once in a while?
Odds and ends
Women’s Issues Within Political Party Platforms
Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few
After last week went out I felt a sudden tinge of regret that I hadn’t made the effort to headline it, and realised that it looked terrible, so the headline is back. Hooray.
One last thing: these photos of Prince Charles made my day.
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