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Fair Warning - Blasts, birdwatchers, and battleground states

Hello stranger! Last week I had no time to write, and last week was mad but I've brought it on myself
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Blasts, birdwatchers, and battleground states
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #123 • View online
Hello stranger!
Last week I had no time to write, and last week was mad but I’ve brought it on myself, really. I signed up to the Miles For Refugees challenge. That means covering 72 miles (the distance refugees have to walk from Damascus to Beirut) in 30 days. I forgot that miles and kilometres are *very* different, so signed up thinking I could do that quite easily. Halfway through the week I realised I was behind, and spent the rest of it frantically rowing in the gym and running as far as I can. Anyway, 20 miles down, 52 to go!
I normally try to start this with some fun things. The single best thing I’ve seen lately is “What if WAP was done by an 80s R&B artist?” Don’t love the original, LOVE THE HELL out of this. Content Warning: obviously contains… *sniggers*… ‘fruity’ language like the original. It’s actually so exceptional I can’t even follow it with anything else. Sorry.

On the home front
Over the pond
The True Colors of America’s Political Spectrum Are Gray and Green
How did Americans use their coronavirus stimulus cheques?
The Battleground States Biden and Trump Need to Win 270
Hiroshima bomb 75th Anniversary
How powerful was the Beirut blast?
Odds and ends
Mapping the rise and fall of witch-hunting
Meta data
Making Internet Things, part 3: Storytelling
That is it. The end of this week’s issue. I hope you enjoyed; please forward to others who might enjoy it too! :) You can also buy me a coffee here, or become a Patron for Fair Warning (no extra content, unfortunately). Fair warning (ha): I don’t know how realistic a weekly edition is anymore, since I’m now mega busy. But I’ll see you next time anyway :)
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