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Fair Warning - Black Sea Blockade, Spelling Bee, Right to Buy

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Black Sea Blockade, Spelling Bee, Right to Buy
By Soph Warnes • Issue #152 • View online
I’m back in Brooklyn and although far from “settled”, I now have my stuff from the UK so my apartment is feeling more like home. I’m learning a lot about my new country, though: Did you know that in America, “delivering” something actually means “leaving it on the doorstep”? I did not. Silly me, thinking that making a delivery meant ensuring the thing gets to the person who paid for the thing.
Things I’ve enjoyed lately:

On the home front
Summer road trip? Our gas calculator can help you see your costs.
America’s congressional maps are a bit fairer than a decade ago
Breastfeeding is not a ‘free’ solution to the baby formula shortage
Heat Waves in New York Highlight Climate Inequality
Over the pond
Hot London Real Estate Faces High Flood Risk, Climate Change Troubles
I thought Robert Colvile’s thread on Right to Buy was interesting and gave me food for thought. In particular, this: “We instinctively think ‘poor = rent, rich = own’. But that’s not true. As (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) have shown, around a third of those in relative poverty are owner-occupiers. And they currently get far less help than people in social housing, even though they’re just as badly off.”
An astonishing thread about how Covid hit both Hong Kong and New Zealand around the same time, and how very different the outcomes are, by John Burn-Murdoch from the FT.
Odds and ends
How space debris threatens modern life
What happens after TikTok songs go viral?
That’s everything for this week! Thanks for reading. To get in touch, reply to this or tweet me @SophieWarnes.
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