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Fair Warning - Benefits, musical gaps, and R

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Benefits, musical gaps, and R
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #111 • View online
Hello! I’ve been waiting for an announcement to happen and ran out of time to write the newsletter. Anyway, now it has! In a couple of weeks I’m leaving my job at the Office for National Statistics and joining the Wall Street Journal as Visuals Strategy Editor.
I am beyond excited to start, and I’m also obviously excited about moving to New York when I can. Don’t worry, Fair Warning won’t change, but might become a bit more intermittent as I get used to the challenges and demands of a new role, so please bear with :)
Some fun/interesting non-data stuff I’ve seen this week:

On the home front
Coronavirus R: Is this the crucial number?
Coronavirus: Which shops have treated workers well?
Over the pond
Brands like Neiman Marcus and J.C. Penney may crumble under coronavirus closures
Dixie in the crosshairs - The South is likely to have America’s highest death rate from covid-19
States Made It Harder to Get Jobless Benefits. Now That’s Hard to Undo
The last places on earth without coronavirus
Odds and ends
Identifying Generational Gaps in Music
75 Jahre Kriegsende
Bad chart of the week
From the source: “It’s a useful way to look at data when you are trying to demonstrate change over time.” Is it?
No it isn't.
No it isn't.
That’s everything for this week. Apologies for going AWOL for a couple of weeks. :) If you enjoyed reading this, please do forward to people who you think will also enjoy it. You can also buy me a coffee, or become a Patron of Fair Warning if you really like reading these newsletters (most) weeks. Thanks for reading and supporting!
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