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Fair Warning - Benefit fraud, quiet rooms, and data butterflies

Hello! I'm almost afraid to say it but it's...almost Christmas?! What a year. The good thing about th
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Benefit fraud, quiet rooms, and data butterflies
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #98 • View online
Hello! I’m almost afraid to say it but it’s…almost Christmas?! What a year. The good thing about this is that I have a present for you (seriously, I do! - I just need to do more work on it) and the bad thing is… Nope, no bad thing. Woo Christmas and end of year!
On that note, everyone’s been doing that ‘what I looked like at the start of this decade vs the end’ thing. Here’s mine. Turns out I still like putting crap on my face, but it’s more glittery, I’m older, and my hair is now red.
Non-data stuff that made me laugh this week:

On the home front
Does £80,000 put you in the top 5% of earners?
"Introducing YouGov's food map of Britain"
Brexit didn't cause all our divisions
Over the pond
The Quiet Rooms
After Sandy Hook, we said never again. And then we let 2,300 mass shootings happen.
Odds and ends
Using Natural Language Processing to discover themes in First World War poetry
Apple says its App Store is ‘a safe and trusted place.’ We found 1,500 reports of unwanted sexual behavior on six apps, some targeting minors.
That’s everything for this week. Thanks for reading!
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