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Fair Warning - Beef, Brexit, and Bivariate Choropleths

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Beef, Brexit, and Bivariate Choropleths
By Soph Warnes • Issue #143 • View online
Morning! This week has been wild, but the only thing worth mentioning is that I finally, after EIGHTEEN MONTHS, have my US visa. I didn’t really fully appreciate that when the State Department invited me in for an “interview” it would involve me standing at what looks like a ticket booth in a train station and answering questions like “so, what makes you extraordinary?”
Frankly, I left the embassy wondering if she had withheld my passport for funsies and I’d be getting it back in the post with a massive REJECTED stamp on it.
What a massive anticlimax.

On the home front
How Brexit and Covid-19 caused the number of HGV drivers in the UK to plummet
Over the pond
What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State
DeJoy’s USPS slowdown plan will delay the mail. What’s it mean for your Zip code?
Hidden Interests: Federal Judges With Financial Conflicts
Odds and ends
Punctuation in novels.
Useful tools
I’ve never heard of it before but Vizzu just launched its open source javascript library for animated data visualisations. D3 makes me want to throw my laptop out of a window, but this looks a LOT easier and the animations are quite nice. GitHub repo here if you want to check it out.
Descript has been mentioned in a couple of places this week so OBVIOUSLY I had a nose around. Honestly? I am impressed and this looks super useful if you’re regularly using audio/video and need captions/editing all in one place.
Anyway, that’s everything I have for you this week. I hope you found something interesting!
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