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Fair Warning - All roads DO lead to Rome

Hi. If you haven't heard of the Strange Planet web comic WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It is the *cutest* comi
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - All roads DO lead to Rome
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #76 • View online
Hi. If you haven’t heard of the Strange Planet web comic WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It is the *cutest* comic, and I very much enjoyed this short write-up/interview with the creator.
This weekend I drove to Sheffield and back, which I found out is the equivalent of driving from New York to Washington DC and back. It’s a long way. While I was there I partied like it was 2009, won actual money gambling(!), and came to the crushing realisation that 24 hours is not enough time.

I’ve had about five personal projects on the go in my head for months but this week I actually completed one - I’ve wanted to do something similar to the sheep map of Wales for ages but I couldn’t find any decent data… There are a few things I want to change about it so I’ll make another version eventually and I’ll probably write something about it, but consider this a Fair Warning exclusive:
On the home front
Falling through the gap: How the UK's gender pay gap sizes up
Over the pond
Where in the U.S. Are You Most Likely to Be Audited by the IRS?
American academics have combined transcript data and genetic data for US high school students to trace their paths through the maths curriculum. Here’s a twitter thread explaining it. Thanks to Grant for sending it to me.
Odds and ends...
Empathy through visualization
Roads to Rome
Bad chart of the week
Huge thanks to Martin Stabe for doing my job for me and pointing out that this pie chart is er, slightly problematic.
That’s all this week. If you’re loving reading Fair Warning, forward it to other people who will also like it. Consider buying me a coffee, or supporting Fair Warning on Patreon if that’s more your jam. I tweet @SophieWarnes and accidentally went viral at the weekend; it was an unpleasant experience.
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