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By Sophie Warnes

A weekly newsletter with anywhere between 10 and 20 links about data journalism, data visualisation, and storytelling, curated by a British data journalist and nerd. Expect politics, statistics, society and culture - all through the frame of data... With a dash of whimsy.

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Fair Warning - Beef, Brexit, and Bivariate Choropleths

I've never heard of it before but Vizzu just launched its open source javascript library for animated data visualisations. D3 makes me want to throw my laptop out of a window, but this looks a LOT easier and the animations are quite nice. GitHub repo here if …


Fair Warning - New York, Inflation, and Bitcoin

That is everything I have for you this week! See you soon.


Fair Warning - US Census data, Chinese hell, and covid travelling

*If you're suffering with your mental health and in England — IAPT isn't in Wales, not sure about NI/Scotland — Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is a way to self-refer. It kind of works outside the standard NHS process, and can take you just…


Fair Warning - Climate change, Delta, and the vaccine-hesitant

That's all I have for you today. See you next week!


Fair Warning - Jet streams, K-Pop, and the Olympics

That's everything I have for you, and I think I'm all caught up! See you next time.


Fair Warning - The Postal Service, Economic Power, and National Parks

It feels like a very quiet week, right? That's literally all I have for you, though I feel like I must be missing something! Where is all the British data journalism!? I'm always looking for stuff but if you've seen anything interesting you think I ought to i…


Fair Warning - House prices, bagels, and football

That's all I have for ya! See you next week! As always, you're welcome to get in touch by replying to this email. [Be aware I am terrible at responding. I don't know if it helps to know that me not replying is not a personal thing, but it's true.]


Fair Warning - The unvaccinated, cicadas, and Eurovision

This is a summary of my Strong Opinions about Eurovision:


Fair Warning - Internal migration, voting restrictions, and sand

That's everything I have this week! Thank you for reading.


Fair Warning - Herd immunity, mount everest, and track & trace

For some reason images haven't been pulled in for a bunch of things here so this section looks ugly and I want you to know it's not my fault.


Fair Warning - Cutting carbon, animal rescues, and The Oscars

AKA I Just Don't Know Where To Put These But I Like Them


Fair Warning - Redlining, Religion, and Readjusting

That's... unfortunately... everything I have for this week. I cannot promise a weekly newsletter anymore because... life. But I will try. I love writing this and hearing from people, even if I don't reply. See you soon :)


Fair Warning - Cannabis, Electric Cars, and Board Games

That's everything for the week! Hope you enjoyed reading, and see you on another Sunday soon :)


Fair Warning - Heartbreak, voting restrictions, and bats

I really liked the Washington Post's analysis of proposed voting restrictions. I also quite liked this calculator about vehicle miles-traveled tax.


Fair Warning - Vaccinations, Live Music, and Foxes. Yes, Foxes.

That's everything for this week. I do miss writing this regularly, but I don't think I can guarantee a weekly newsletter anymore. Like many of you, I'm exhausted and just trying to get through the days one at a time, in one piece. It's always nice to hear fro…


Fair Warning - The Bumper 2020 Holiday Edition

That's everything from me in 2020. I hope wherever you are, you stay safe, even if you can't see your family at Christmas. There are thousands of us (me included) in this situation. It really sucks, but with vaccines being rolled out, we just need to hang on …


Fair Warning - Thanksgiving, the Dow at 30k, and a virus mutation

That's everything, hope you enjoyed reading!Remember, you can reply to this email to get in touch with me, and feel free to forward this to others who might enjoy it. See you next week (maybe, who knows?!)


Fair Warning - Polarisation, swing states, and virus spread

That's everything I have for now. Thanks so much for reading. If you have any feedback, there should be some feedback buttons around here, and you can always reply to this to email me directly.See you next week!


Fair Warning - Lockdowns, climate change, and... Taylor Swift

That's everything I have for you. Thanks so much to everyone who donated to my Miles For Refugees challenge in the last edition! I've definitely been a lot lazier since completing..! If you enjoyed this issue, buy me a coffee here, and as a general reminder..…


Fair Warning - K-Pop, Ben & Jerry's, and SCOTUS

That's everything I've got for you this week! I normally add a link at the end to my Ko-Fi account (kind of like a tip/buying me coffee) but for this week, if you enjoyed reading Fair Warning, I'd like to encourage you to sponsor my Miles For Refugees challen…