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By Gary Comerford

Topical stories about renewables, EVs and things that are interesting to EV drivers.

Topical stories about renewables, EVs and things that are interesting to EV drivers.

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Issue #78 - Mine e-waste, “super-Hybrid” Wind, Hydro and Hydrogen Project Planned, UK's First Lithium Plant Secures New Investment and Replacing Gas Peakers With Battery Storage

New York Calls Tender to Replace Gas Peakers With Four Hour Battery StorageIn the move towards renewables and the replacement of fossil fuels one key driver is the ability to reduce or eliminate the number of 'peaker' plants we have.These are power stations w…


Issue #77 - Grid power for film sets, Li-Ion Battery to exceed 6Twh/year, hydrogen plane sets altitude record, and >50% of American commercial vehicles can be electrified

Film London Announces Commission of the Grid Project, Supplying Renewable Energy to Productions in the CapitalMost people have never spent time on a film set. So they won't realise that it's a huge logistical operation which runs - as does everything in life …


Issue #76 - 7 in 10 councils have no EV strategy, Brake and tyre emissions debunked, largest wind farm in North America goes on-line and EV chargers are in the wrong places.

The Single-Largest Wind Farm in North America Comes Online in OklahomaDespite the perception that the United States runs on coal there is a movement more and more towards renewables. This is evidenced by the fact that the single largest wind-farm in the count…


Issue #75 - Plastic from seaweed, Kia eNiro tops user survey, Big Oil threatens Aus. state, and renewable were 81% of all new generation in the US last year.

Kia Niro EV Tops Mass Market Category in J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study for Second Straight YearThis is hardly surprising. The Kia E Nero is one of the best electric vehicles on the market in terms of value for money and range. On a re…


Issue #74 - Concern about battery safety, Uber funds 700 London chargers, Washington state bans ICE cars after 2030, and NetJets agrees deal for 130 electric planes.

No podcast this week as we are on hiatus. Instead here's one from the archives: Episode 85


Issue #73 - Half UK learners want electric car lessons, shark skin can give planes lower emissions, Paris bans cars in the city, and Norway's postal service goes electric

No podcast this week as we are on a hiatus. Instead here's one from the archives.


Issue #72 - Across the US with 2.5hrs of charging, ICE and PHEV cars being ditched, geothermal is back and solid state batteries might be the solution.

$200 Million Says Solid-State Batteries Will Soon Crack Gasmobile Death GripThe holy grail of electric vehicle propulsion is a lightweight battery that charges rapidly and has an excellent power to weight ratio. Sure, you can drop 100kwH of battery into your …


Issue #71 - UK and Australian renewables hitting peak output, EV manufacturers stymied from selling to the public, and closed-loop battery anode recycling cuts costs and improves efficiency.

Are Auto-Dealership Protection Laws Holding Back Electric Vehicle Adoption?One way legacy automakers have tried to push back against the tide of EV sales is to limit the ways in which start-up auto makers (such as Tesla) have been able to sell them. While Tes…


Issue #70 - Berlin going car free, cigarette-like warnings in car ads, Volvo truck testing in Arctic conditions, and what devastating floods look like without cities

Berlin Is Planning a Car-Free Area Larger Than ManhattanTraffic-free zones in cities are nothing new. London has implemented a congestion zone several years ago to penalise vehicles wanting to travel within a certain perimeter. But Berlin is the first city to…


Issue #69 - Fossil-free ammonia, cooling using sunlight and water, UK Police trial Teslas, and existing infrastructure is key to the future of EV charging

Australian Scientists Say Discovery Could Render Ammonia From Fossil Fuels ObsoleteAt first glance, this would seem to be an interesting way of creating Ammonia without needing to use fossil fuels. The key thing to remember when looking at this is that it wil…


Issue #68 - Disappearing plastic, hydrogen aircraft, and Australia increasing renewables

Watch This Magic Plastic Instant-Coffee Package Disappear in Your DrinkPlastic wrapping is something of a scourge of modern living. So a new company that is seeking to replace this with something more sustainable - is making waves.With a typical single-serve …


Issue #67 - 900kW chargers, industrial-grade brine, electric sailboats and a 100 seat aluminium-powered plane

Compass Minerals Found a Way to Convert Sustainable Lithium Brine to Battery-Grade Lithium HydroxideWith the explosion in large-scale Li-ion batteries expected over the coming few years - both for EVs and for static storage - one of the main areas of concern …


Issue #66 - Electric Renault courtesy cars, recycled batteries, renewable wind turbine blades, and RE infrastructure has great ROI

20 Airlines Commit to New Technologies to Minimise Climate ImpactWith aviation being one of the main sources of carbon in the atmosphere any effort to reduce that is always welcome.But - in the same breath - any greenwashing from fossil fuel companies and com…


Issue #65 - Bill Gates invests in..milk (!), ID.4 breaks distance record, China has the largest EV charging network, and Google lets you see emissions on your flights.

Alaska Air and ZeroAvia Are Developing a 500-Mile Range Hydrogen-Electric PlaneThe decarbonisation of aviation is one of the easiest ways to lower total carbon emissions globally. However, the decarbonisation of aviation is one of the hardest things to achiev…


Issue #64 - Bikes cut pollution for last mile deliveries, Rapid charging for planes, recycled batteries as good as virgin ones, and Google has the cleanest cloud

Electric Bicycle Sales Are Growing16x Faster Than General Cycling. Here’s WhyWe all know that - in the long run - we need to be getting cars off the road. The roads themselves need to be made available for cargo, public transport and for bikes.Bikes, obviousl…


Issue #63 - 95% reduction of fossil fuel usage, dirty Big Oil tricks, electric Airbus, and 25 countries banning ICE sales

A Radical Way to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use From New Cars Sold in the US by 95% by 2026There are fundamental, systemic, changes that could take place if we really want to lower the number of fossil fuel vehicles on the road. Governments putting goals in place for…


Issue #62 - Electric truck records, Octopus Juice at 100,000 charge points, solid state batteries, and EVs displaced HOW much fuel?

How Much Do Electric Vehicles Actually Displace Gasoline?One thing I've always understood about the onslaught of electric vehicles is that, over time, they will reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to be extracted to power cars, vans and other ICE vehicle…


Issue #61 - Octopus and green aviation, Solar and wind are big in the US, EV chargers in all new UK homes, and Toyota investing big in EVs, but...

We're still on hiatus (pending the announcement mentioned above). In the meantime, here's a past episode that you may find interesting. One person we ran into a Fully Charged Live was battery Electrochemist Dr. Euan Mc Turk. We had Euan on the podcast back in…


Issue #60 - Aggregation helps cities buy renewables, hydrogen-powered helicopters, India hits 100 GW of renewables and EVs are 40% cheaper to run than ICE cars

Banding Together: How Aggregation Helps Cities Buy Renewables at ScaleEven though everyone is looking to make renewables a part of their portfolio (and despite the fact that renewables are cheaper than every other form of energy generation available), some pl…


Issue #59 - E-Cargo bikes are 60% faster, 500kW charging in 8 minutes, robots disassembling batteries, and West Midlands overtaking London in charging.

Electric Cargo Bikes Are 60% Faster at Deliveries Than Delivery Vans. Here’s WhyLast-mile delivery is key to reducing the overall carbon footprint of vehicles on the road. Remember EVERYTHING that comes into your house has - at one point or another - been on …