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By Gary Comerford

Topical stories about renewables, EVs and things that are interesting to EV drivers.

Topical stories about renewables, EVs and things that are interesting to EV drivers.

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Issue #88 - Pedestrian-first cities, geothermal energy poised for a big breakout, new electric aircraft and Australian state to be 100% renewables

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Issue #87 - Big Oil greenwashing, California's 2035 fossil fuel car ban, Corporate jet usage, and China on track to meet its climate goals early.

No podcast this week as we are on an intra-season hiatus. So here's an episode from the archive to enjoy:


Issue #86 - School buses powering the grid, France paying 4,000 euros to switch to e-bikes, first point-to-point commercial electric flight, & 7 Israelis' jets responsible for 3,368 years worth of environmental damage.

No podcast this week as we are on an intra-season hiatus. So here's an episode from the past for you.


Issue #85 - Wind blows away Australian record, World's biggest offshore wind farm sets 100% renewable target, BP open electric truck charging station and Wind/Solar are two thirds of US new generation capacity

Wind Blows Away Australian RecordsElectricity generation from wind in June set a record of 2,839 GWh, wind’s highest month ever in Australia. This means that in June, wind generation was the second highest electricity source behind black coalAustralia needs l…


Issue #84 - Floating windfarms on Crown Estates, Why people refuse to accept EVS, Osprey becomes the first Chargesafe customer, and France has a trade-in scheme for getting a new EV

Floating Windfarms Could Be Hosted Off Cornwall and Wales, Crown Estate SaysFloating windfarms could be built off the coasts of Cornwall and Pembrokeshire after the Queen’s property manager identified a clutch of sites in the Celtic Sea that could host them. …


Issue #83 - Record low prices for offshore wind, using sand to store energy, Volvo Cars withdraws from EU automakers association, and why eTrucks will dominate the 40 tonne semi-heavy market

Going for the short and sweet edition this week.Record-Low Price for UK Offshore Wind Is Four Times Cheaper Than GasExperts have said this time and time again - renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuel energy. This was confirmed once again this week when …


Issue #82 - Communal renewable energy in Cornwall, Wireless charging for EVS, a plane with no moving parts, and why we don't need baseload power

Cornish Village to Pilot Communal Grid to Source Low Carbon EnergyUntil now, Stithians, which sits halfway between Redruth and Falmouth, was best known for its annual show, said to be the largest agricultural spectacle in Cornwall. For years Brian Piper has b…


Issue #81 - Wind and solar bailing out Texas, crushing old roads and using them to store carbon, eco-airship build creating jobs in Yorkshire, and Renault planning a H2 car (!)

Eco-Airship Contract to Launch 1,800 Jobs in South YorkshireReducing the carbon footprint of aviation is one way to help reduce the impact of climate change.So anything that can assist in that is to be commended.This includes building and using airships.G7 De…


Issue #80 - EU plans massive increase in green energy, location pricing could save £30bn for electricity consumers, GM concludes that EVs are key, and crushing old roads to store carbon

EU Plans ‘Massive’ Increase in Green Energy to Help End Reliance on RussiaThe Russian/ Ukraine conflict has had several long-reaching impacts across many parts of the world. But one positive is the realisation that many countries have come to regarding the so…


Issue #79 - Paying the cost of carbon, Gov. startegy to balance electricity supply and demand, and location pricing could save electricity customers £30bn

Government Strategy Tackles Balancing Future Electricity Supply and DemandIt's fairly commonly accepted that moving towards renewables and away from fossil fuels is critical to combatting climate change.But the exact mechanism for how that happens is open to …


Issue #78 - Mine e-waste, “super-Hybrid” Wind, Hydro and Hydrogen Project Planned, UK's First Lithium Plant Secures New Investment and Replacing Gas Peakers With Battery Storage

New York Calls Tender to Replace Gas Peakers With Four Hour Battery StorageIn the move towards renewables and the replacement of fossil fuels one key driver is the ability to reduce or eliminate the number of 'peaker' plants we have.These are power stations w…


Issue #77 - Grid power for film sets, Li-Ion Battery to exceed 6Twh/year, hydrogen plane sets altitude record, and >50% of American commercial vehicles can be electrified

Film London Announces Commission of the Grid Project, Supplying Renewable Energy to Productions in the CapitalMost people have never spent time on a film set. So they won't realise that it's a huge logistical operation which runs - as does everything in life …


Issue #76 - 7 in 10 councils have no EV strategy, Brake and tyre emissions debunked, largest wind farm in North America goes on-line and EV chargers are in the wrong places.

The Single-Largest Wind Farm in North America Comes Online in OklahomaDespite the perception that the United States runs on coal there is a movement more and more towards renewables. This is evidenced by the fact that the single largest wind-farm in the count…


Issue #75 - Plastic from seaweed, Kia eNiro tops user survey, Big Oil threatens Aus. state, and renewable were 81% of all new generation in the US last year.

Kia Niro EV Tops Mass Market Category in J.D. Power Electric Vehicle Experience Ownership Study for Second Straight YearThis is hardly surprising. The Kia E Nero is one of the best electric vehicles on the market in terms of value for money and range. On a re…


Issue #74 - Concern about battery safety, Uber funds 700 London chargers, Washington state bans ICE cars after 2030, and NetJets agrees deal for 130 electric planes.

No podcast this week as we are on hiatus. Instead here's one from the archives: Episode 85


Issue #73 - Half UK learners want electric car lessons, shark skin can give planes lower emissions, Paris bans cars in the city, and Norway's postal service goes electric

No podcast this week as we are on a hiatus. Instead here's one from the archives.


Issue #72 - Across the US with 2.5hrs of charging, ICE and PHEV cars being ditched, geothermal is back and solid state batteries might be the solution.

$200 Million Says Solid-State Batteries Will Soon Crack Gasmobile Death GripThe holy grail of electric vehicle propulsion is a lightweight battery that charges rapidly and has an excellent power to weight ratio. Sure, you can drop 100kwH of battery into your …


Issue #71 - UK and Australian renewables hitting peak output, EV manufacturers stymied from selling to the public, and closed-loop battery anode recycling cuts costs and improves efficiency.

Are Auto-Dealership Protection Laws Holding Back Electric Vehicle Adoption?One way legacy automakers have tried to push back against the tide of EV sales is to limit the ways in which start-up auto makers (such as Tesla) have been able to sell them. While Tes…


Issue #70 - Berlin going car free, cigarette-like warnings in car ads, Volvo truck testing in Arctic conditions, and what devastating floods look like without cities

Berlin Is Planning a Car-Free Area Larger Than ManhattanTraffic-free zones in cities are nothing new. London has implemented a congestion zone several years ago to penalise vehicles wanting to travel within a certain perimeter. But Berlin is the first city to…


Issue #69 - Fossil-free ammonia, cooling using sunlight and water, UK Police trial Teslas, and existing infrastructure is key to the future of EV charging

Australian Scientists Say Discovery Could Render Ammonia From Fossil Fuels ObsoleteAt first glance, this would seem to be an interesting way of creating Ammonia without needing to use fossil fuels. The key thing to remember when looking at this is that it wil…