The EV Musings Newsletter

By Gary Comerford

Topical stories about renewables, EVs and things that are interesting to EV drivers.

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Issue #63 - 95% reduction of fossil fuel usage, dirty Big Oil tricks, electric Airbus, and 25 countries banning ICE sales

The podcast is back! After a longer than anticipated hiatus we now have two episodes from season 6 out in the public domain.Check them out using the links below.


Issue #62 - Electric truck records, Octopus Juice at 100,000 charge points, solid state batteries, and EVs displaced HOW much fuel?

Good news! The podcast is back - or at least it will be next week. After some last-minute delays due to holidays, there's a nice, big announcement in there, and we start with a show called 'The Ying and Yang Episode'. What to know what that's about? Get it ...


Issue #61 - Octopus and green aviation, Solar and wind are big in the US, EV chargers in all new UK homes, and Toyota investing big in EVs, but...

We are very close to the new season of the podcast (Season 6!) and there is a big announcement coming to coincide with the start of the new season. Stay tuned for that. If you can't wait and would like to know what it is beforehand I am making the announcem...


Issue #60 - Aggregation helps cities buy renewables, hydrogen-powered helicopters, India hits 100 GW of renewables and EVs are 40% cheaper to run than ICE cars

We're officially at the end of the UK summer, as marked by the August Bank Holiday. Traditionally a time of wet weather and people trying to cook food on barbeques while holding an umbrella in their other hand.The podcast is still rearing up for a new seaso...


Issue #59 - E-Cargo bikes are 60% faster, 500kW charging in 8 minutes, robots disassembling batteries, and West Midlands overtaking London in charging.

The podcast is on hiatus at the moment as we put together episodes for the upcoming season. However, if you are an EV Musings Patron you will be getting a patron-only episode that reviews the last season and looks forward to the future. To get that head ove...


Issue #58 - Bacteria recovering metals from batteries, Honda's EV plan not good enough, Myenergi interview, and Eviation to deliver 1st 9-seater electric plane in 2022.

The third bi-weekly newsletter. Welcome.The podcast is on an inter-season hiatus for a few weeks while we put together episodes for the next season and recharge the batteries over the summer. The newsletter will still be out, as usual, every two weeks.If yo...


Issue #57 - End of the I3, Electric passenger aviation boosted by E19 aircraft, More EVs than ICE to be sold by 2033, and replacing petrochemicals with non-petro petrochemicals.

This is the second of the bi-weekly EV Musings Newsletters. We're heavily into electric aviation here so there are two related news items in today's issue.Also, please read to the end for news of something new with EV Musings.


Issue #56 - Heavy-duty electric trucks, the Sun doesn't cause global warming, US Govt says EVs are officially cheaper to run.

Welcome to the first of the bi-weekly editions of the newsletter. I hope it was worth the wait.In the week in which the sea boiled, parts of the Pacific North West of the United States baked and a Russian power plant exploded the impact of climate change an...


Issue #55 - Oz town 100% solar powered, EV owners should pay for infrastructure, Ford's electric future isn't clear, and coal miner activist gets a Tesla.

As of this week, the newsletter is going to change from weekly to bi-weekly. You'll still get the same 5 top stories, something to think about and a link to the podcast episodes. but instead of this happening every seven days it'll now come out every fourte...


Issue #54 - New hypermiling record, turbine-free beauty spots, and plant based 'tuna'.

The Electric Highway/ Gridserve roll-out is continuing apace. News came out this week that Gridserve has bought up the remaining 75% stake in the Electric Highway and is now the new owner. Rumour had it that Dale Vince (Ecotricity owner) was looking to sell...


Issue #53 - Royal Mail going electric, Tesla M3 is the best-selling EV in the UK, cheap lithium from seawater, and EV charge points = 'Red phone boxes'?

If you're Patreon member of our little community next week should be a good one for you. Alongside the regular episode (which All-Access and VIP level patrons get early) there will be a brand new patron-only episode released on Thursday.We'll be talking abo...


Issue #52 - Rare earth metals from old coal mines, blimps as the new commercial jets, four day working week improves the environment, and quantum computing helps battery development.

bp Pulse has just this week announced (very quietly) another price hike for their public charging. The last 'big' price hike was in July 2019 when all rates were updated. Since then - 4th December just 6 months ago - they increased the price of their High P...


Issue #51 - Gas boiler ban, floating wind turbines, e-fuels make no sense, and Instavolt VAT woes.

Another interesting week in the world of EVs and renewables.The main story this week is that HMRC has finally caught up with the Instavolt 5% VAT issue. Basically, all electricity in the UK is Vatable. The standard rate for electricity is 20%. However if th...


Issue #50 - Recycling Wind Turbine Blades, ExxonMobil shifting blame to consumers, 20 firms account for 55% of single-use plastics, and $8 Billion for Electric Postal Cars

Newsletter issue 50. Wow. I can't believe I've come to this point already.Thank you to everybody who supports the newsletter and subscribes. If you're reading this online and wish to subscribe please click the link at the bottom to get on the list. We're pr...


Issue #49 - Dead EV Batteries, solar panels on landfill, climate FUD campaigns change tack, and KIA add-on for cheaper Ionity charging

A busy week this week on the podcast with Melanie Shufflebotham coming on to talk about Zap-Map and where that app is going.I have some embargoed news to tell you about Zap-Map but I'm waiting until the embargo is lifted next month to bring you up to date. ...


Issue #48 - 9 reasons Rivian will be successful, electrifying taxi fleets, Honda goes 100% electric (but with a twist), and there's no US charging infrastructure!

I've mixed up the format of the newsletter this week. The last few have been quite wordy (or 'verbose') and, checking the stats, I'm not sure everybody's reading it all. So slightly shorter articles this week with more links out to the materials if you want...


Issue #47 - 5 EVs from the same amount of lithium as one, $3000 fossil fuel trade in for an Ebike or two, Daimler's new-look truck charging station, and another electric plane.

"Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads!"Everyone wants a flying car, right? Well, this week on the podcast I talk to Jack Withinshaw who is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Airspeeder. That's an organisation that's creating a race series for fly...


Issue #46 - $174B for US EVs, Mini to go full electric, massless energy batteries, and open charging platforms.

Something a little different on this week's podcast.In 2007 the iPhone was launched. It was fairly low spec, quite expensive, had no App store, and couldn't even do copy and paste.But now we run our lives in an ecosystem based on the back of the iPhone and ...


Issue #45 - Heavy EVs are bad, Pennsylvania makes big solar investment, VW to go bi-directional, and US EV tax credit to increase.

A very interesting discussion this week as we chat with Andrew Till and Nnamdi Jenkins-Johnson about taking their EVs abroad. Lots of good information in there.


Issue #44 - Battery costs down 98%, Dutch installing 1.5m new chargers by 2030, Tesla introduce 50% price cut for off-peak Supercharging, and ditching single-use water bottles.

News is out this week of the latest UK vehicle sales figures for March.March 2021:Battery BEVs = 22,003 (+88%)Electric plug PHEVs = 17,330 (+152%)YTD 2021:Battery BEVs = 31,779 (+74%)Electric plug PHEVs = 26,613 (+94%)Total market share = 13.8%Pretty impre...