Surprising successes and shocking discoveries 🧑‍🎨





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Surprising successes and shocking discoveries 🧑‍🎨
By DutchReview • Issue #54 • View online
Hoi schatjes! (Hi darlings!) 
We’ve finally dried out after all that August rain and are heel shocked to hear experts say that the rainy summer we’ve just had was… completely normal. 😳 ☔
Although, probably not as shocked as art lovers who’ve just found out after 250 years that Vermeer’s “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” isn’t the painting they thought it was. 👼
In other news, it’s been a successful week for the Netherlands with the Dutch Paralympic team striking gold in Tokyolekker bezig!🥇🥳 We’ll celebrate their successes by Zwemmen in Bacardi Lemon, just like the latest Dutch summer hit tells us to. 🍋 
And there’s plenty to celebrate! After all, the Netherlands has been ranked by Bloomberg as one of the best places to be during the Delta outbreak (echt!?) — even though Dutchies are blaming each other for it. 👀
Unfortunately, coronavirus has also resulted in Dutch tourism falling to a 10 year low. 😢 But heaps more international trains are coming to the Netherlands in 2022 and we’re sure they’ll bring the tourists back. 🚂
Ajuu paraplu! (Later, umbrella!) ⛱️
Jen 🙆‍♀️@DutchReview

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