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What's old is new again

What's old is new again
By Duncan Mackenzie • Issue #8 • View online
Lately people have been discovering new ways of doing web development that feel like a throwback to what we used to just call the web. Hand editing HTML for every page of a large site is unlikely to come back, but static site generators have shown us that simple can be really fast. Client-side rendering of web pages is great for an email client but has a lot of issues for a regular site, so ‘server-side rendering’ (SSR) is re-invented, even though rendering dynamic HTML on the server and sending it down has been around since ‘cgi-bin’. Web development feels like a pendulum, we discover something new and swing too far in that direction, before swinging back to something closer to center.

Do as little work as you can
Why simplicity? Choosing a web architecture
Ryan Florence
*writes some HTML by hand in an index.html file*

"Look at me ~pre~ rendering this HTML..."
Performance-testing the Google I/O site
The modern way to build that delivers better performance
The basic flow of
A general and not-at-all related article I think you'd like
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Duncan Mackenzie

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