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Vacation Issue!

Vacation Issue!
By Duncan Mackenzie • Issue #6 • View online
I’m on vacation folks, so I haven’t written a new article for this issue, but I thought I would take the chance to highlight some of the great writing being put out there by folks on my team at Microsoft. There are lots more people on the team with great public posts and talks, consider this just a sampler and I’ll link to some more in future issues!

Walking around Bend, OR instead of writing up some new content for my blog!
Walking around Bend, OR instead of writing up some new content for my blog!
Engineering Management Topics
A few articles focus on the people and process side of development, including those from my site and from Chad Schulz (an engineering manager focused on
Technical Deep Dives
The most common type of post coming out of folks on my team is a discussion of some interesting topic, often related to what they’ve being doing at work. Love to see folks sharing knowledge with the world!
Stephanie Eckles
Azure Functions: Wildcard Routing
Debugging Durable Functions Orchestrations
Writing about Microsoft Docs
Many folks on my team work directly on the front and back-end systems for Microsoft Docs, so a few of their posts are specifically about that work. Here’s a few highlights!
Optimize git commit history
The basic flow of
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