Revisiting lazy loading, layout shift, and preloading





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Revisiting lazy loading, layout shift, and preloading
By Duncan Mackenzie • Issue #9 • View online
Lots of interrelated topics this week, but my favorite topic of late is layout shift, CLS from web vitals. It is only my personal experience, but recently I have had a ton of accidental clicks as the page jumped around under my mouse or finger well after the core content had loaded. Use the CLS metric to make sure your pages don’t do this; your users will appreciate it.
Scroll all the way through the email though, I tend to bring all sorts of assorted random bits in here! And if you think someone else would benefit from this info, forward the email, thanks!

Cumulative Layout Shift: Measure and Avoid Visual Instability
Setting Height and Width on Images Is Important Again
How to lazy load images and iframes with the native HTML loading attribute
Preloading Fonts and the Puzzle of Priorities
Safari is the new IE?
Amber Weinberg Jones (She/Her)
Safari is the new IE. Any browser bugs my sites have are *always* on safari.
Amber’s tweet is just one of many recent comments on how lack of choice in browsers on iOS is holding back web development. A good discussion of how lack of feature support in Safari can hold back the web is provided by Alex Russell’s article Progress Delayed is Progress Denied.
Start simple
I am just going to keep highlighting comments and articles around this idea. For performance and accessibility, it is best to start with HTML, and enhance from there.
Stephanie Eckles
My thoughts on CSS frameworks are as follows:

Start with semantic HTML, then layer in only what is necessary to create performant, accessible, inclusive experiences.

And don't belittle or bully others in the process.
Building a resilient frontend using progressive enhancement
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