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Privacy and SEO can both be related to Performance

Privacy and SEO can both be related to Performance
By Duncan Mackenzie • Issue #7 • View online
At work, the engineering team has been tracking and discussing web performance for ages and has locked onto Web Vitals as our key metric. We’ve taken OKRs around getting to all green for the 75% percentile case. All of this has been seen positively by the business, but with the upcoming changes in Google search ranking (where good Web Vitals scores could impact your position in search results), it is suddenly an urgent issue. Great, welcome to the party 🙂, the more the merrier.

Oh, so now you care about performance?
Web Performance for Product Managers
An In-Depth Guide to Measuring Core Web Vitals
Nicole Sullivan
Developers and designers: What do you wish you knew about Core Web Vitals? Throw me your questions, gripes, curiosities. @anniesullie
The Humble <img> Element and Core Web Vitals
Ok, what about privacy?
The intersection of performance and privacy is with third-party scripts. JavaScript in general is a major factor in the performance of your site and these scripts (for ad tracking, analytics, user surveys, etc.) can slow things down. These scripts are added for a reason, so as the dev team, you can’t just remove them. In my experience, performance alone isn’t enough to successfully push back on additional analytics, but these systems are also a key privacy concern. Every third-party script is another opportunity for cookie concerns, data privacy issues, and a decrease in user trust in your site. Some browsers block tracking scripts by default, or users can adjust their settings to make that happen, but wouldn’t it better to just stop adding them to your pages?
GitHub CEO: We’re nuking all tracking ‘cookies’ and you should too
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