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More on accessibility and performance!

More on accessibility and performance!
By Duncan Mackenzie • Issue #5 • View online
After the ‘internal site’ discussion from last week, I had a few conversations with folks about the idea of a ‘baseline’. Things you must do on every site, no matter who it is for, and the #1 item that came up was accessibility. Internal or external, a website should be accessible. Even a demo site, if you were going to post it online for people to try out, needs to be accessible.
With that in mind, this issue is going to start with a bunch of resources on this topic, and then we’ll move over to some recent performance links that were interesting to me (and hopefully will be to you).

Accessibility Discussions
VS Code extensions to help you fix accessibility issues while you code
The Business Case for Accessibility
Web Performance Fun
Who has the fastest F1 website in 2021?
How to Plan and Deliver on Site Speed as a Team
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