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Revue issue #1

Revue issue #1
By Dayleeo • Issue #1 • View online
This week was a bit of a mixed bag, from social media content for a Miss USA Pageant to branching out into an area of work I’ve been wanting to get into for quite some time…

Transitioning from September to October like....
Photoshopping for Pageants!
I had a quick gig designing some social media content for the 2017 Miss Black USA pageant and while the task was pretty straightforward, the headshot I was given needed a little help. With a project like this, the background is the first thing to go. Then I added a neutral backdrop that I knew wouldn’t wash out the subject, did a little color correction and BANG. Making portraits go from “selfie” to “studio” is something I’m asked to do a lot.  Huge improvement right? 
Sorry Not Sorry: I'm super feeling this logo.
Sometimes you have to tell yourself “Dayle, you don’t have time to obsess about a freaking logo for the headers of your email, just make a thing. QUICK.” - and it somehow works out!
File Conversions, Just make it work.
I get a ton of requests that go a little something like this:  “Help! I need to open *insert file type* in *insert software* and it’s not working and everything is awful!” Here’s my little trick to make all their problems go away… It’s called CloudConvert, and  it’s saved my tail on more than one occasion this week. 
Now Accepting Voice Over Work!
I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally get over my hesitations and put this out there, but this week I updated my UpWork profile to include “Voice Talent”. I’ve done some voice work in the past, but mainly when myself or a friend was in a bind for a track on a video project, and although it was typically a spur of the moment thing, I really enjoyed it! I’ve been looking for simple explainer video work to start building out my portfolio with but I’m open to all kinds of projects. I’ve been sending my HeyDayle promo video (link below) with most bids, as a sample piece. 
Because it's Monday
Here are a few things I’ve shared recently that make me laugh…
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