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HeyDayleWeekly | All New Everything 💎👌🏻

HeyDayleWeekly | All New Everything 💎👌🏻
By Dayleeo • Issue #11 • View online
Oh, hi there! Nice to see you again! Leave it to me to starting hitting the “New Year” vibes at the end of February. ✌🏻😅 Since we last spoke I’ve been doing #yogaeverydamnday and LOVING it. I’ve switched to a plant-based/vegan diet 🌱, finished my new site, AND completed a few projects I’m super proud to show you below. So let us take a scroll down remote-working lane, shall we? 💕

VO for FedCaddy! | Promo Video 🎙
Brandy New ✨ |!
PLANT BASED CHEEZ? | Mind. Blown. 🙀
I really can’t say there’s anything I truly “miss” eating plant based until I remembered mac & cheese so I did a little research (full recipe below) and gave it a shot. This debauchary was my result: 
Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese
Extra time = Gaming time! | 🎮 😬👍🏻
Been enjoying the heck-fire out of the HumbleBundle. Particularly the Freedom bundle which contains StarDew valley and helps support the ACLU!- I can’t wait to get into the rest of the games 💕!
Humble Freedom Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)
That's All Folks! | You've Reached The End!
Thank you so much for checking back in with me. Hoping to have more exciting things to share in the very near future. 😉👌🏻
Next Saturday (Feb 25th) is my 29th Birthday! 🎉  So I’ll be taking some time out to reflect and relax (and game, let’s be serious). I’m making it my goal to pay the $800 (and change) left on my car loan off before the summer! So if you’d like to make a Birthday contribution to that end… 
See you next time! <3 Dayle.
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By Dayleeo

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