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HeyDayleWeekly #6 | Keyboard Melting Madness 🔥

HeyDayleWeekly #6 | Keyboard Melting Madness 🔥
By Dayleeo • Issue #6 • View online
Hey Monday! This one is hitting me harder than usual, but nevertheless, we shall prevail! We will make stronger coffee, and we will blast the music a little louder and we will SHOW-THE-HECK-UP. Because that’s what we do. 
👊🏻 #weouthere.  

First Steps as a VO! 🎙 Here's What I Learned!
Last month I was hired for my first Upwork voice-over gig, a short bio reading for a recording artist based in the States. My client said they really liked my voice and they sent over the script promptly. Yes. Boom. Now what? They didn’t give any indication of the style or tone that they were looking for. So I just took a stab at it, reading in a professional, sincere tone. Instead of stressing over a way to decode what he wanted, I trusted in the fact that he liked my voice, and that I was the one that got selected for the job among who knows how many others. 
Learning that when you’re honest about what you can deliver, and you get the job, the client is investing in YOU. 
That’s all the permission I need to go with my gut.  So I did, and he really liked it! So exicited to take on more work so I updated my little avatar and uploaded samples of my work to Soundcloud! You can hear this project along with other’s I’ve recorded, by clicking cartoon voice over Dayleeo below!
Shiny New Social Icons!
Remember these little dudes? Earlier this year I created a set of 40+ Social Media Icons I created and put them up for sale on Gumroad. This week I was working on some new promo materials and I realized the list needed an update. So I added @Gumroad, @Upwork and @Coub! The full pack isn’t updated yet, but if you’d like these three newbies, shoot me a message and I’ll send them over for free 👌🏻
New Client! | Snow Fox Skincare 🐺
What do you say when a team based out of Tokyo messages you in a rush to meet a print deadline? You say..  “I GOT YOU. ” and you get to work resizing their banners for an upcoming exhibition. 
Their packing is super slick. Done by an artist out of Macedonia, Nenad Hristoski. Really hoping to work with these guys more. 
Happy Monday!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my weekly newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it.  - Now watch keyboard keys being torched beyond all recognition 🔥👍🏻 
Have a great week kids!
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