HeyDayleWeekly #3 | Fall So Hard ✌🏻🍂





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HeyDayleWeekly #3 | Fall So Hard ✌🏻🍂
By Dayleeo • Issue #4 • View online
Fall is in full swing and that chilly snap in the air really wakes up my brain. Been drinking extra tea and finding myself at my computer snuggled with a big blanket and clicking away at keys as I drift into a digital oblivion. For me, it’s important to get away from the glow of the screen every now and then and soak in some nature. It’s a difficult balance, but I’m always grateful for a chance to get some fresh air and take some new photos for nomad.pictures.  :D

New Nomad Pictures are on the way!
Really excited for you guys to see the next batch. I was able to get out and take a bunch of new ones this week while I was out.  I’m almost done editing and then they’ll be ready for upload. 😬👍🏻 We’ve got some serious fall vibes that I think you’re going to dig. Ya dig?
Gold Details and Vector Work
This week I finished a series of designs that took a lot of custom vector work. I love working in vectors because you can always break them down and reuse them for other projects. This is one of the designs I’m most proud of, has an 20’s Art Deco feel, and can be used as either a digital or printed card. 
My first VO Gig!
This week I delivered my very first Voice Over job for a client on Upwork who needed a quick bio paragraph read as the backing track to a promo video. My setup needs a little more tweaking but I’m super excited to have this as a portfilio piece and to bring in some more work! #littlevictories! 
Quick Tip: I thank the Dashlane gods DAILY.
I’m awful at remembering passwords. Plus, I’ve got multiple client passwords for multiple sites, plus payment info, and ID info to keep track of. Dashlane manages all your passwords and vital information and auto-fills it for you when it’s time to use! It’s also encrypted AF and it’s easy to share credentials without the recipient seeing your info. You can even use it to make online payments! I can’t tell you how much time this little app has saved me. 
Video(s) of the Week
This week we all learned that we’re losing one of my favorite places on the internet, Vine. I’m ok with it. REALLY I AM. 
Dayleeo's Profile - Vine
Here are all my epic Vines and Revines, containing some of my most treasured memories over the past 3 years, as well as a dog with a seagull head.  😿
Thanks so much for taking a moment to see what I'm working on!
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