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HeyDayleWeekly #2 | Mockups and Downs

HeyDayleWeekly #2 | Mockups and Downs
By Dayleeo • Issue #2 • View online
Another week bites the dust! I spent a good portion of this week sending out proposals and padding out my portfolio, sprinkled with intermittent Sega Genesis emulator breaks. Always toggling doing the work that earns today’s dolla, vs the work that will turn into tomorrow’s dolla. 💸
Here’s what happened…

World's Happiest Foods
This week I had a request for an infographic-style poster that illustrates a list of healthy foods for a nutrition coach. Never underestimate the power of a transparent background PNG. Although these were individually pretty high-res files, I really like using PNGs like this, in place of icons. The trick is keeping their sizing and aspect ratio relatively consistent, that way they look like their part of a set.  
Touch, Retouch, Repeat.
Did quite a bit of Photoshopping and retouching on both people and products. If you know what you’re doing a few simple lighting and color tweaks can make a huge difference, but the edits will only look as good as the quality of the original will allow. So please, if you can, shoot high res!
Before & After Portrait Session
Before & After Portrait Session
Before & After Magazine Edit
Before & After Magazine Edit
Mockups & Downs
Actually no downs, just ups! I love playing with mockups. This week a client asked for a custom stamp graphic to promote that her service was “KYC Compliant” Here’s what I came up with. She loved it. I loved doing it. Smiles all around! #YAS
Show & Share | Happy Monday!
A few highlights from my travels across the inter-webs that might make your Monday a little kinder. 
Round rice cake box and Maru. | YouTube
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