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Enrich your marketing automations - Part 2

May 23 · Issue #25 · View online
DataDiary by InnerTrends
Enrich your marketing automations - Part 2
In the previous issue of the newsletter I presented two strategies for marketing automation enrichment: labelling your leads, users and customers and using behavior predictions to your advantage.
As promised, today I will go on with the other two strategies. Let’s get started. 
1. Target users based on scoring systems
You can personalize the content of your marketing campaigns by taking into account your client’s:

  • Engagement scoring
  • Lead scoring and
  • NPS (net promoters score)
Let’s take them quickly in turn:
A. The engagement scoring is closely related to the churn risk. A high engagement score leads to a low churn risk, and the other way around: a low engagement score equals a high churn risk. For marketing campaigns strategies - please take a look in the previous chapter. You can also read more about engagement scoring here.
B. Lead scoring is a ‘methodology used by sales and marketing departments to determine the worthiness of leads, or potential customers, by attaching values to them based on their behavior relating to their interest in products or services’.
The whole point here is for your marketing campaigns to be as targeted and as informative as possible so that you increase the lead score of you users. A quality user that has a higher change of converting is an educated user.
C. NPS (net promoter score) is a metric that measures the customer experience and their loyalty related to a product or service.
If you register a low NPS you could think about launching a marketing campaign meant to gather data on how to improve your product according to the client’s needs.
A high NPS an lead to a campaign asking people for reviews or asking them to recommend you to their peers and partners. As an incentive you can offer them a discount or a free feature, transforming them in ambassadors for your product.
So make sure to enrich your marketing automation platform with data from your engagement scoring, lead scoring and NPS platforms. 
2. Take over the communication between third parties and your users
The third parties that help you interact with your users can also sometimes hinder the relationship with them.
Let’s take a look at:

  • Payment events, and
  • Support tickets

A. Payment events
Many payment platforms send emails to the clients on your behalf, informing the client that the payment has been made, or that there was a payment error etc.
I would strongly suggest that you minimize as much as possible number of emails sent from these platform, as they are not customisable for your company. You cannot control how they sound or look like and how they will be perceived by the clients.
Think about the ‘declined payment’ notifications. Have you ever received one? If so, you might agree with me: they sound very plain, harsh, insensitive even… Users might even be tempted to abandon the purchase if they feel irritated by the way the notification is phrased.
Wouldn’t this be a priceless opportunity to bring back your clients and communicate with them more efficiently? You can have a huge impact on the churn rate by choosing the right tone and personalised messages.
B. Support tickets
Knowing if a user contacted your support team, or how many users frequently open support tickets provides valuable information on the user. This info should be integrated with the rest of the labels & data you have collected about the user on the marketing automation platform.
You can make a cross-check how many users are highly engaged and use the support system frequently. To secure their fidelity you could send a notification on behalf of the CEO ensuring the continuous development of the product. You could even try something more daring: share the roadmap with this particular category of users, as they are considered safe and interested to stay with your company. The chances that a highly engaged, paying customer who constantly contacts the support team and is also subscribed to the newsletter is actually your competition are close to zero.
Ideally, every piece of info sent to the client and every support ticket should follow your recipe and communication strategies.
So, what should you take with you after reading this issue of the newsletter and the previous one on enriching your marketing automation platforms?
The smartest way to attract new customers is to personalize your marketing campaigns. How?

  • Label users everytime you discover any piece of context about them, any mission critical action they perform on your site, and any change in their customer life cycle stage. Split customers into categories. Target them with dedicated marketing campaigns.
  • Adapt your campaigns to your users taking into account their churn risk and their chances of conversion.
  • Metrics showing the degree of involvement of the users, their loyalty towards your product or the worthiness of your leads also make a huge difference in the way you should approach them.
  • Limit as much as possible the users’ need to communicate with third parties about your product, as third parties can never represent your interests the way you need them to.
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