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DataDiary - Issue #1

It's my pleasure to announce the first issue of the #DataDiary: How to get sincere outstanding review
December 7 · Issue #1 · View online
DataDiary by InnerTrends
It’s my pleasure to announce the first issue of the #DataDiary:
How to get sincere outstanding reviews on autopilot.
Having the opportunity to work with some of the coolest product teams I know, I’ve decided it’s a good time to give it a go at writing a data diary about our experiences.
Every week I will be sharing solutions, challenges and success stories that me, my team or our partners have experience with.
Feel free to replicate, modify or share any of the tips or hacks. I would love to hear how it goes.
Whenever you need to ask or share something, just hit reply.

First things first: are reviews really as efficient as they are cracked up to be?
In a nutshell: yes, no doubt about it!
So… what makes reviews such powerful marketing techniques?
Sincerity. It’s that simple!
Statistics show that, nowadays, up to 50% of all shopping decisions are influenced by testimonials and the word of mouth. More so than by tradition ads!
Why? Because “social proof” is often more important to online buyers than “low prices” themselves!
Amazingly, only 1 in 3 businesses ask for and make use of customer reviews.
Do you want to be amongst them or not? Why not let your clients become your advocates?
So… how to get the best reviews?
For some reason, people are much more prone to giving negative reviews than positive ones on their own initiative.
Basically, when someone’s angry with a product, they look for a way to blow off steam online.
However, when they are happy with it, they rarely take initiative and leave a review… unless asked to do so.
All you have to do is identify the clients who are most satisfied with our product and ask them to leave a review at the right time… all this on auto-pilot.
But how do you know whom to target and when is the right moment to do so?
We now have a brilliant solution for all this!
We can help you identify the users who increase their engagement to your product, and target them automatically precisely when they are most prone to giving you a good review.
Here’s how:  
1. Calculate your customer engagement scoring
First, answer these 2 questions:
  • What are the main reasons your customers are using your product?
  • What are the actions that help your users achieve their goals?
Now identify in your analytics data all the actions that reflect the answers above and calculate for each user how many times they performed them in the last 30 days.
Now split your customers in these 4 categories:
  • high engagement customers
  • medium engagement customers
  • low engagement customers
  • very low engagement customers
Start monitoring when a user changes his/her engagement level.
Note: InnerTrends now automatically calculates the engagement scoring of users and triggers alerts when they change their engagement level.
2. Sync the user engagement changes with your marketing automation service
By activating the sync, you will be able to trigger marketing automation whenever a user changes his/her engagement level.
In case you use InnerTrends, it will send the following data to your marketing automation:
  • previous engagement level
  • current engagement level
  • date of the change
3. Target users that went from medium or low to high engagement
These are the users that are getting more and more value each day. They are happy, and they are getting lots of value from you.
They are the most likely users and customers willing to give you a raving review.
Ask them to do it now.
Here is how to do the setup in
And here is how to do it in Intercom:
That’s it. 
Now let those reviews generate new business for you. Existing statistics tell us that you should expect an increase of almost 20% in sales just from the reviews.
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