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The Daily Distress
The Daily Distress
In the words of whichever band it was, we’re feeling hot, hot, hot!
That’s why we’ve been on the look-out for cool things to go with our melting ice-lollies and hopefully we’ve managed to find a few more for you this week.

What's on the Telly?
Comedy films don’t come too much better than 1955’s The Ladykillers. The darkest of the Ealing comedies, The Ladykillers pitches a gang of crooks against a sweet old lady (Katie Johnson).
The robbers’ attempt to disguise themselves as a string-quartet is every bit as inept as it is inspired and the frictions between the group’s disparate members are played out beautifully.
Sellers and Guinness, needless to say, are superb.
Catch this televisual feast on Film 4, Saturday, 1PM.
The Ladykillers (1955) - TV Films UK
In spite of the obvious Monty Python connections, there is nothing particularly Pythonesque about 1988’s A Fish Called Wanda.
It’s an ideosyncratic, multi-threaded crime comedy in which Kevin Kline steals the show. It won a few gongs and it fully deserved to.
It’s ad-free on BBC1 at 11.45 PM this Friday.
A Fish Called Wanda (1988) - TV Films UK
Classic Comedy Corner
A scene from Cheers with the squabbling psychiatrists Frasier and Lilith (Kelsey Grammar and the ever wonderful Bebe Neuwirth) going at each other hammer and tongs.
Cheers - Frasier & Lilith Argue about Freud
Cheers - Frasier & Lilith Argue about Freud
What do Busy Leaders do All Day?
After finding out that our Glorious Leader spends £110 a day on take-aways, we can only assume that all his time is spent eating.
McDonald’s may not be as cheap as our chums at Tasty Feast in Sutton Coldfield but £110 would still buy you enough to keep you chomping 24/7.
How does he stay so svelte? You’ll be blown away by the “science”.
The 110 Pound Diet
Toon Time
Chuck Jones’s Claude the Cat cartoons are incredibly hard to find these days. A certain Sylvester James Pussycat Sr seems to have nudged them out of the Looney Tunes canon to the point where they rarely even appear in Warners’ compilations these days.
It’s a great shame as Claude is a great character and the toons had all the impeccable timing that you expect from Jones.
We couldn’t even find a full version of this 1950 classic, Two’s a Crowd.
In the highly unlikely event that a chief something-or-other at Warner Brothers is reading this - get it sorted!
Looney Tunes "Two's a Crowd" Opening and Closing
Looney Tunes "Two's a Crowd" Opening and Closing
Hamster of the Week
Twitter’s favourite hamster, Soapy, shows Carrie Antoinette the proper way to wear flowers in your hair.
Cat of the Week
Meet Sox, and be sure to wave back …
Sox the waving cat
I upload this when I feel social media needs to smile 😺 sometimes this place can be so toxic! If you see this give it a Retweet
it might give someone a smile on a bad day,Stay strong 😺give me a follow for more vids n pics etc
The Inevitable Cat Cartoon
Love this one from Sarah Andersen
Happy Birthday to Us
From little muffins ...
From little muffins ...
The Daily Distress is a year old today. The time has certainly flown by. This won’t mean a thing to any of you but I finally hit a long-standing target earlier this week and I’m rather proud of it, so here’s a picture of our Google page speed scores:
Smells like victory!
Smells like victory!
I always refer to The Distress as “we” because that’s what you do with a website, but the truth is that every word, every line of code, all the stuff that you don’t see and most of the pictures are my own work. If we ever get a theme tune, I’ll probably write it and sing it, too. Actually, no, I couldn’t be that cruel. Nobody, but nobody, is so evil that they deserve to hear me sing.
Many, many thanks to those who have supported the website in any way over the last 12 months, It has been a whole lot of fun, sweat and tears.
Here’s looking forward to a second year when things really get going.
In the meantime, we’ll settle for a bunny-hop and a magic button from Gus Honeybun ….
Gus Honeybun's Birthdays with Judi Spiers - Westward Television 1980
Gus Honeybun's Birthdays with Judi Spiers - Westward Television 1980
As ever, we wish you everything that you would wish for yourself over the next seven days when we’ll be back with some more reasons to be cheerful.
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