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Shark Alert!

The Daily Distress
The Daily Distress
Happy Wednesday!
The weatherman assures us that Summer is just about to start so we can all look forward to a few days of sunshine, mosquito bites and flying ants as we celebrate Bastille Day.
Bastille Day just happens to coincide with Shark Awareness Day. Don’t be alarmed though, you’re no more likely to be eaten by a shark on this day of the year than any other. In fact, you’re massively unlikely to be eaten by a shark at any time.
Cows kill twice as many people as sharks and they don’t seem to worry too many people. And rightly so, they only bag about 20 victims a year. Cows, in turn, are considerably less dangerous than coconuts.
As such, we have to conclude that Steven Spielberg was slightly over-egging the pudding when he made Jaws. We still suggest that you refrain from wrestling with great whites as we’re probably legally obliged to do that.
Rest assured that gnats, midges and mossies are a far greater threat to human existence.
As grand as the weather may or may not be, we’ve still found a few fun things to keep a smile on your face while you’re applying the anti-histamine lotion.
What's on the Telly?
We were quite excited to see that the wonderful people at Talking Pictures TV have found an Alec Guinness film that we haven’t seen. Last Holiday (1950) sounds absolutely wonderful.
We were then somewhat disappointed to realise that we’ll be busy when it’s showing but, hopefully, you can catch it on Monday at 3 PM.
Last Holiday (1950) - TV Films UK
What’s better than Laurel and Hardy? Two Laurels and two Hardys of course. 1936’s Our Relations sees the dynamic duo in dual roles as they get into a messy encounter with their less salubrious brothers.
It’s showing on Talking Pictures at 4 PM on Saturday and happily, we’ll be in for that one.
Our Relations (1936) - TV Films UK
Jitterbugs is also showing this week.
Jitterbugs is also showing this week.
A Tale of Epic Endurance
At The Daily Distress, we’ve been bringing you one of those true-life stories that defy credibility.
You’ll never believe us, but this guy really did listen to the whole of Tales From Topographic Oceans by Yes in a single sitting. Well, we believed him, anyway.
Again, in the interests of health and safety, we’d advise you to share your bath with a hammerhead shark rather than try this yourself.
Tales From Topographic Oceans – One Man’s Story
Cartoon Club
If there’s one thing that’s an even worse idea than picking a fight with a shark, it’s starting a war with the wrong rabbit.
In this 1942 Merry Melody, a fly-posting magician upsets our hero. Did he really expect to go unpunished?
The Case of the Missing Hare was Chuck Jones’s fourth Bugs Bunny cartoon.
LOONEY TUNES : BUGS BUNNY - Case of the Missing Hare (1942) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)
LOONEY TUNES : BUGS BUNNY - Case of the Missing Hare (1942) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)
This isn't about sharks, to be honest.
This isn't about sharks, to be honest.
Another Reason not to Worry About Sharks
There’s a perfectly rational solution to any problem, even a shark attack. It’s time to learn from the pros …
Batman Shark Week
Batman Shark Week
Not All Sharks Live in Water
Here’s a historic piece - the first silent comedy short featuring the marvellous W. C. Fields.
We don’t believe that he ever made a movie featuring real sharks but here he is in 1915’s Pool Sharks.
POOL SHARKS (1915) W.C. Fields
POOL SHARKS (1915) W.C. Fields
Shark of the Week
Nobody sent any cat pictures this week (boo!) so, Cat of the Week has been replaced with the more thematic SOTW.
This one’s our pet banana shark. We call him Brian but we’re not actually sure whether Brian’s a girl or a boy. If anyone knows a safe way of finding out, please drop us a line.
We hope that we’ve allayed some of your worst fears about sharks - we’re far more of a menace to them and they are to us.
As ever, we wish you a fin-tastic week full of mirth and merriment and look forward to seeing you next week.
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