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Happy Chocolate Cake Day

The Daily Distress
The Daily Distress
Good morning, everybody.
It’s May the 19th, which just happens to National Devils’ Food Cake Day in America. Thankfully, this isn’t compulsory in the UK, but if you need an excuse to eat some chocolate cake, you have one now.
Alternatively, you could celebrate the feast day of Saint Celestine. That seems a little ironic as Celestine was notably austere and unlikely to have been much of one for feasting, but we still think that makes a passable backup excuse for eating chocolate cake.
We probably have a legal obligation to point out that chocolate cake is very bad for you in all sorts of ways but we reckon that a little of what you fancy does you good. So grab a slice of something nice as we share some of our favourite things from the lighter side of life.

Cat of the Week
Where better to start than the Cat of the Week? Meet Serj. He’s a drop-dead gorgeous young chap if ever there was one.
Jules🕷 #NHS💙#FBPE #Blocked by Coffey+ClaireFox
And this is why changing my sheets/duvets takes so long🙄
Serj: But human slave, the daisies match my eyes. I must to sit’.
Would You Adam and Eve It?
What's on the Telly
Panned by the critics and adored by the public, The Blues Brothers (1980) offers up a fine blend of top-drawer music and laugh-out-loud comedy. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd lead such legends as James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles on a mission from God. Belushi is magnificent.
The Blues Brothers (1980) - TV Films UK
Will Hay would almost invariably play an incompetent schoolmaster but in Ask a Policeman (1939) he gets to play an incompetent policeman. Suffering from a lack of genuine crime, he and his colleagues decide to fabricate a little of their own. Needless to say, it all goes horribly wrong.
Like most of Hay’s work, this is tremendous fun and it’s one that doesn’t seem to get shown all that often, so be sure to tune into Talking Pictures on Saturday at midday.
Ask a Policeman (1939) - TV Films UK
Quizness (Friday, Channel 4, 8pm) is an excellent vehicle for the wonderful Tom Allen. The comedy quiz resembles a dafter version of Richard Osman’s House of Games and is utterly chuckle-worthy.
Tom Allen's Quizness - All 4
Scandal of the Week
Another world-exclusive courtesy of The Daily Distress. A secret government memo revealed the truly Trumpian motivations behind the new voter identification scam.
How do we do it? Let’s just say that we know some very well-placed cleaners.
Voter Fraud - Secret Memo Leaked
The Old Ones are The Best
More great stuff from Bizarro
More great stuff from Bizarro
Classic Comedy Corner
The magnificent W. C. Fields and Jody Gilbert in a clip from 1941’s Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. These days you have to go to the UK to get this kind of customer service.
W.C. Fields - The Diner Sketch
W.C. Fields - The Diner Sketch
Every Cloud ...
A cracker from Jim Benton.
Song of the Week
From the days of yore when a tattoo would get you a job in a circus rather than a coffee shop, the Marx Brothers sing about Lydia.
Groucho Marx - Lydia the Tattooed Lady
Groucho Marx - Lydia the Tattooed Lady
Hell, We Must be Going
We’ll see you all again next week. At the very least, we hope you enjoyed that slice of cake that we persuaded you to eat.
As ever, we wish you a delightful week.
Keep sending us your kitty pics and don’t forget to read The Daily Distress - it has been scientifically proven to be less fattening than any form of cake.
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