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Every Dogma Has Its Day

The Daily Distress
The Daily Distress
Happy Wednesday!
We’re back with our usual midweek supply of mirth and merriment to help you through the week. Here are a few things to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the brief interludes between the showers.

What's on the Telly?
2007’s Hot Fuzz is a fun cop spoof with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It’s very nearly as good as Shaun of the Dead. And that’s saying something.
You can catch it on Friday at 9 on ITV2.
Hot Fuzz (2007) - TV Films UK
The Heat (2013) is a pretty good take on the mismatched cop-buddy genre. Melissa McCarthy might be a bit crude for some people’s tastes (don’t watch this one, Mum) but the McCarthy/Bullock combination works pretty well here.
ITV2, Saturday, 9 PM.
The Heat (2013) - TV Films UK
On the Wireless
It goes without saying that P.G. Wodehouse was the greatest comic writer that ever lived, but it wasn’t all about Jeeves and Wooster. Our favourite Wodehouse character, the self-monikered Psmith (the ‘P’ is silent like the ‘P’ in herring) makes an appearance in a 2008 version of Psmith in the City currently on iPlayer.
We Need a new Squeaker
It’s a great shame that Molesworth, the goriller of 3b, never grew up to be Prime Minister. We sent him down to the House of Commons to see what he could make of our Parliamentary shenanigans. He wasn’t terribly impressed with Lindsay Hoyle, for some reason.
Molesworth on PMQs.
Cat of the Week
Meet Joe Hardy, a majestic looking fellow if ever there was one!
Self-explanatory Picture Corner
Archive Gem of the Week
An American training film from WWII that explains why we Brits are the way that we are. It all seems to come down to overcrowding and warm beer.
Know Your Ally: Britain
Know Your Ally: Britain
Compost Corner
We made a partly political broadcast for Priti Patel. We really were as nice as we could possibly be. Honestly, we tried.
Poor hatin', crime aidin' ... Priti!
Poor hatin', crime aidin' ... Priti!
Classic Comedy Corner
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, looking a shade younger back in 1984, offer us a masterclass in completely over-reading Shakespeare.
Fry and Laurie  Shakespeare Master Class
Fry and Laurie Shakespeare Master Class
Don't Judge a Book ...
We certainly hope that it could only happen to a vet
Literal-minded?  Us?
Literal-minded? Us?
We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our diversions this week and we wish you a splendid week to come.
Please keep sending us your cats! (By which we mean pictures of them, cats are not fond of being sent by email).
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