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Black and White

The Daily Distress
The Daily Distress
Good morning, campers!
We’re feeling a little monochrome this week and have decided it’s high time that we celebrated the twin pleasures of black and white movies and black and white cats.

Cat of the Week
This week’s star moggy comes from our good friend Ian Shakespeare. Here’s a picture of Billie from a few years ago. Awww!
We suspect that Ian’s going to sneakily renominate Billie with a more recent picture quite soon but we don’t mind that. There’s no actual law that says a cat can’t be COTW more than once. We did check.
What's on the Telly?
What’s on the telly, you ask? Only one of the greatest comedy shorts ever made!
The Music Box (1932) is the one where Stan and Ollie attempt to deliver a player piano to an upstairs flat. We have no words to describe either how good this is, or how much we love Talking Pictures who are showing it on Saturday at 4PM. If you have a life-saving appointment scheduled for Saturday, cancel it now. Slapstick simply doesn’t come any better than this.
The Music Box (1932) - TV Films UK
And stay tuned for Pack up your Troubles (also from 1932) which follows it.
Talking Pictures continue to spoil us on Sunday with 1934’s Sons of the Desert in which The Titanic Twosome weave a tanged web as they set off for a fraternity convention. Oh, happy day! This is pure gold. Be sure to tune in at 4:35 if you haven’t already been watching Another Fine Mess which starts at 4.
Sons of the Desert (1934) - TV Films UK
Here at Distress Towers, we’re always partial to a bit of Arthur Askey. 1942’s Back-Room Boy is a typically scatty Askey vehicle and none the worse for that. Those wonderful people at Talking Pictures will be bringing it your way on Sunday at 10:15 AM.
We’re not entirely sure whether 10:15 on a Sunday morning is a real thing or not, but we’re going to set our alarms just in case.
Back-Room Boy (1942) - TV Films UK
World's Oldest Nutrition Issue Solved
Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions
We all know the problem.
You so much as look at a carbohydrate and you put on weight. At the same time, your body yearns for Vitamin P - a substance that can only be found in pizza. But pizza contains bread and bread is full of carbs. It’s Catch 22. Or, at least, it used to be.
The clever folks at Lo-Dough have come up with a yummy alternative that is gluten-free, low calorie and ultra low in carbs. This lets you pile on your fvourite cheeses and toppings with gay abandon as you prepare yourself that rarest of pleasures - GUILT-FREE PIZZA!
They do other stuff, too, but we’re too busy thinking about pizza at the moment …
Sorry, we're not sure where we got this from.
Sorry, we're not sure where we got this from.
Enid Blyton Writes From Beyond The Grave
The Famous Five are back in action and they’re in a jolly old fix. The Five have been cancelled and, to make matters worse, Peter Hitchens has gone missing. Will anyone be able to prove that Timmy the Dog is not a racist?
Join us for an epic tale of mystery, adventure and lashings of ginger beer.
Someone might spot one of our Jethro Tull references one day.
Someone might spot one of our Jethro Tull references one day.
The Famous Five get Cancelled
Unfinished Business
Last week we promised that we’d bring you the compete video of young Tapio’s fight with Phill the house-plant and here it is.
The Great Kitten vs Plant Fight
The Great Kitten vs Plant Fight
Many thanks to Fifi Pottier for sending us an alternative copy of the video and a quick reminder that Fifi’s new book is available on Amazon.
We honestly don't know!
We honestly don't know!
Cartoon Club
Given this week’s theme and our penchant for old cartoons, it won’t surprise you to see tht this weeks ‘toon is from 2021. 2021? Yes, here is a rather nifty reimagining of SpongeBob Squarepants in a 1920’s style.
If SpongeBob was a Black & White Cartoon | SpongeBob: Reimagined #1
If SpongeBob was a Black & White Cartoon | SpongeBob: Reimagined #1
Classic Comedy Corner
From the glorious days when just about everything was written by Galton and Simpson, here’s the mighty Tony Hancock talking to his agent. What’s Sid doing lurking in the background?
Hancock's Half Hour - Meeting an agent
Hancock's Half Hour - Meeting an agent
This Just In ...
Just as we’re putting together this black and white special, England in white have beaten Germany in black. It rather destroys our theory that England can only ever win anything whilst wearing red, but we’re happy to take that.
We shall celebrate with a picture of our hero (in black and white, naturally).
We are really informed that this young Brummie genius plays his club football at someplace called Aston Villa. It sounds like they’re worth a watch.
All we can do now is hope and pray that Liz Truss doesn’t try to renegotiate the result on England’s behalf.
Dizzy Heights
We're not sure where this is from either but it's rather clever.
We're not sure where this is from either but it's rather clever.
This is Rather Odd
Here’s a rather incredible optical illusion. This produces some very strange effects. Thankfully, they don’t last for too long. We think it ought to come with a warning about driving or operating heavy machinery, though.
This Illusion Will Make Your Wall Melt (Check Description)
This Illusion Will Make Your Wall Melt (Check Description)
It’s in black and white apart from the red dot so we thought we’d throw it in.
Have a Fun-tastic Week
We hope that you’ve found something here to put a smile on your face and, as ever, we wish you and your loved ones a truly magnificent week to come.
Please keep those cat pictures coming …
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