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A Cure for Wednesdays

The Daily Distress
The Daily Distress
Another Wednesday rolls around and we’re back with our antidote to the midweek blues.
In a week in which surrealism finally ate itself as someone proposed an Intergalactic Super League that included Tottingham Hotspurs, we give football a swerve and focus on stuff that’s actually supposed to be funny.

What's on the Telly?
Despicable Me 2 (2013) is a worthy sequel and let’s face it, there’s something profoundly wrong with anyone who doesn’t adore The Minions. Just like the original, this is a great fun-packed family movie with some real laugh-out-loud moments. It’s perfect Sunday afternoon entertainment.
ITV2 Sunday 15:35
Despicable Me 2 (2013) - TV Films UK
Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle (2017) is an altogether better take on the old Robin Williams film in which players are trapped inside a jungle-based boardgame.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnston is surpisingly good, Jack Black is surprisingly unirritating and Karen Gillan is wonderful.
A highly enjoyable, light-hearted, adventure romp that would segue quite well with DM2. Which is handly, because it’s also showing on Sunday (Channel 4, 18:45).
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) - TV Films UK
Telly-Selly Time
We’re rather proud of this advert. Not only because it’s marginally better than anything we’ve ever seen on The Apprentice, but also because we managed to keep the star upright for an entire 30 seconds.
The Legendary Daily Distress Mug Advert
The Legendary Daily Distress Mug Advert
On the Wireless
It’s hard to watch the rather excellent Lucifer without getting the urge to listen to Andy Hamilton’s Old Harry’s Game. BBC Sounds have a fair few episodes available in no discernible order.
Here’s how it all started. Can you believe it was over a quarter of a century ago? It might be better not to focus on that, and simply enjoy the sounds of Edith Piaf in eternal torment.
Comedy Song Spot
Alexei Sayle provides some top entertainment for a rather non-plussed Tube audience. The man can dance!
Alexei Sayle Singing Dr Martens Boots on the Tube
Alexei Sayle Singing Dr Martens Boots on the Tube
Missing Book of the Bible Unearthed
The epic tale of St. Jeremy of Islington that was cut from The Bible to make room for higher achievers.
Saint Jeremy
Classic Comedy Corner
Redditch’s foremost investigative journalist, Kevin Turvey, gives us the lowdown on the supernatural. This is the sole reason that people used to sit through A Kick Up the Eighties - and that was quite an ask.
The late, great Rik Mayall in habitually wonderful form:
Kevin Turvey Investigates... The Supernatural
Kevin Turvey Investigates... The Supernatural
Cat of the Week
In the most surprising news of the week, it turns out that cats can bump into other life-forms without getting into a fight.
Musical Theory Joke of the Week
Goodnight Vienna
This means nothing to me-ow!
This means nothing to me-ow!
That’s it for another week. We hope you’ve had fun and will continue to do so.
We’ll be back next Wednesday with some more chuckleworthy bits and pieces to help you over the hump.
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