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How To Be A Freelance Writer and Land Your First Client

Cyberlion Technologies
Cyberlion Technologies
Want to get paid to write?
How do you land your first freelance writing job if you have no clue?
I have an upcoming free mini-course that I believe will help you get paid to write online so that you can make money writing.

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I’m going to show you exactly how to get paid to write online with my free mini course
Freelance writing is a very lucrative career, especially RIGHT NOW. Here’s why:
  • Content marketing relies on and demands quality content – audiences have wised up to traditional marketing tactics. Businesses today need a new approach to marketing, and that’s where YOU come in.
  • Businesses NEED blogs – Practically every business wants or needs a blog. There’s a huge demand for blog content and not enough freelance writers to supply it. YOU can be the one they hire for their blog.
  • Google favors long content – online businesses can’t get away with writing short, keyword-filled content anymore. Google is cracking down on that and instead, favors long-quality content that users find helpful. YOU could write that and get paid.
You can get paid to write anything (technical articles, blog posts, feature articles, and more) – but you need the tools to get paid to write first.
Each day for 6 days, you will receive a new lesson delivered right to your inbox (you can even fast-track the next lesson if you can’t wait!).
This isn’t going to teach you how to write and it won’t talk about punctuation and grammar either. What you learn are 6 action steps you can start this week and be on your way to getting paid to write online.
Here’s the thing:
You can’t just start a blog, slap on a Hire Me page and call yourself a freelance writer.
There’s a lot to it and this course will get you started on the right path.
By the end of your free mini course on how to get paid to write, you will know:
  • How to turn your hobby and passion into making money as a writer
  • The easiest way to create writing samples when you don’t have any
  • Why you should start a blog right away if you want to have consistent freelance writing work
  • My best places to find freelance writing jobs
  • Where to guest post (where sites pay writers) like Income Diary, Freelance Mom, Reader’s Digest, Sun Magazine, Great Escape Publishing, and more
  • Learning about Medium and the Medium Partner Program publications
  • My number one quickest way to land multiple writing gigs
These five days five ways will jumpstart you to start freelance writing.
Yes, this is a six-day course, but the heart is in the five days five ways I teach you!
What it takes to get paid to write online
Look –
Not everyone is cut out to get paid to write online. This free course will give you the tools you need to make money with your writing, but if you don’t have the passion, motivation, marketing savviness, and the dedication to invest in this, then you might as well not try.
It takes grit to write online and to get paid for freelance writing takes confidence, even if you fear someone reading your writing.
What I won’t show you is how you can get paid writing:
  • Short stories
  • Personal essay
  • Science fiction
  • With writing competitions
  • Personal story
  • With content platforms like Writer Access
But, that’s okay! I’m here to help you with knowing the right writing assignments so you can make good money.
I was in your exact shoes when I was thinking I wanted to get paid to write. I was scared, afraid and knew no one that could help me.
But, I’m here for you! So enroll in my insanely free course on how to get paid to write online!
Wondering who I am anyway?
My name is Brian Murutu an IT Specialist, full-time freelancer and founder of Cyberlion Technologies.
I have been a very successful Article Writer for over 3 years, working for individuals all over the world.
Since I started writing, I have been spending every spare minute writing articles for blogs, and learning everything on article & blog post writing.
Like any other being, I made many mistakes along the way. That’s why I wanted to make this free course for you. You don’t have to navigate this alone!
So, what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of other aspiring writers and get paid to write online!
For more help on freelance writing, kindly reach out on a personal level here or schedule a 15 minutes virtual meeting with me.
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