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Cyberlion Technologies
Cyberlion Technologies
Hello good people, take a look at this gig👇
Payout is $7.50 per 1000 words
Accordingly, we’ve reduced our normal 3 stage screening to just 1 stage. Pass this and we will start sending you paid assignments.
The screening is unpaid.
To apply, please go to
Pick one of the terms (example: altcoin, coin, decentralization, etc etc) listed and write a 1500 word article that explains everything the reader needs to know about THE ONE TERM you chose
Entries will be judged based on
1) no plagiarism - we use copyscape premium and
2) no grammar errors
3) composition quality - everything must flow, make sense, and there are no unclear or awkward parts
4) readability - maximum of grade 6 readability score at
5) research depth - your entry must actually deliver VALUE to the understanding of the reader
6) study and copy the writing style of
6) no factual errors - your materials must be verifiably correct
Send your entry to with the subject line NOV 1 WRITING PROGRAM $7.50 PER 1000 words

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Cyberlion Technologies
Cyberlion Technologies @Cyberlion_Tech

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