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MagSafe to the max with 10-foot iPhone charging cable

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The standard length for charging cables is 3 feet, but when I buy new cables I often choose long ones – at least 6 feet and often 10.
Because standard cables are often too short to be useful.
The 3-foot charging cable by our living room couch, for example, is good only for the person sitting right next to the outlet, and even then the cable stretches only to the armrest. If I try to move my iPhone to my lap, it comes unplugged.
So now I have long cables in the house, car, office and travel bag.
A long cable is especially handy when traveling, especially if you need to plug in at the airport or a coffee shop and there’s no outlet near your seat or table.
Yes, you may have to deal with all that extra cable, but that’s where an inexpensive packet of cable ties comes in.
So take a look at this deal we have on a 10-foot MagSafe USB-C charging cable, which for a limited time is discounted to $20.99 (regularly $24). It also comes in a really nice-looking blue.
– Leander Kahney, EIC.

MagSafe to the max with 10-foot cable
Tired of being tied down by a short charging cable that’s barely long enough to use your phone with? Love wireless charging but hate needing to set your phone down to charge every time the battery gets low?
You can wirelessly charge at a distance with this 10-foot magnetic wireless USB-C charging cable from ZeroLemon. And it’s now on sale for just $20.99 (regularly $24).
A wireless charger with a 10-foot wingspan
This wireless charging cable is 10 feet long and ends with a magnetic wireless charging pad that can stick to the back of your iPhone 12 or 13 (or a MagSafe-compatible case). The cable can support up to 7.5W of power delivery on iPhone 12 and 13 models and delivers 5W to wireless charging cases for AirPods/AirPods Pro.
Yes, faster chargers exist. But this one doesn’t have to be your speed charger. It’s what you use when you need your phone to stay alive while you use it, which your typical wireless charger can’t exactly brag about.
The powerful magnetic connection lets you use your phone comfortably while it charges, and that 10-foot cable gives you real maneuverability. Put one of these in the kitchen so you can move around without setting down your recipe screen. Keep one in your travel bag, because you know there are only a few working outlets at the airport — and they’re never close enough to seating.
Stock iPhone cables aren’t exactly known for their longevity. However, considering iPhones may soon adopt USB-C, a charger that will outlive the Lightning port might be worth considering.
Save on a 10-foot magnetic wireless USB-C charging cable
Pick up a cable that lets you pace on a phone call or dance like you’re in an old iPod ad.
For a limited time, you can get a 10-foot magnetic wireless USB-C charging cable in white or blue on sale for $20.99 (regularly $24).
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