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20% off nifty SwitchEasy iPhone accessories

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Years ago, I bought an iPhone and promptly dropped it on concrete the minute I removed it from the box.
The screen cracked, of course, and every time I looked at it, I was reminded of my own clumsiness.
These days, the first thing I do is slap on a case and screen protector. Especially the screen protector, which I think is indispensable, even with Apple’s tough new Ceramic Shield glass.
Good thing SwitchEasy makes all the accessories you need. You have your choice of cases, plus screen protectors and more.
And best of all, you can get 20% off all SwitchEasy iPhone 13 accessories in the Cult of Mac Store until July 21.
The collection features 18 items, including a variety of iPhone 13 cases, screen protectors and a lens shield for the device’s sweet camera array.

20% off nifty SwitchEasy iPhone accessories
SwitchEasy LenShield for iPhone 13 Series
SwitchEasy’s LensShield for iPhone 13 Series features an unusual AirBarrier design. An air gap between the iPhone glass back and the case further strengthens protection.
It’s made of aluminum, which adds a great feel and solid protection.
A special hardening treatment makes for greater scratch-resistance and durability, too.
Price: $14.99
Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store
SwitchEasy Aero+ iPhone Case 13 Series
The nano-coating technology adopted by the Aero+ line of cases provides a delicate hand feel and resists dirt and smudges. In terms of protection, Aero+ sports shock-resistant bumper sides and corners, plus a transparent back with AirBarrier to protect the iPhone’s glass back.
Aero+ also utilizes Aero-Tech, a production process that optimizes the protection-to-mass ratio to keep the case light.
  • AirBarrier design, with an air gap inside the case, effectively prevents the iPhone glass back from shattering on impact.
  • Same liquid silicone and nano coating as the original Apple shell provides better feel and better anti-dirt properties.
  • Distinct NativeTouch buttons for accurate and intuitive touch feedback.
  • Drop-tested from 1.2 meters.
  • Aero-Tech maximizes shockproof protection while keeping the case lightweight.
Price: $23.99
Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store
SwitchEasy Glass iPhone 13 Series Screen Protector
Glass Pro uses Japanese HD high-transparency glass, with excellent light transmittance and clarity. It is ultra-abrasion-tested with a 9H hardness rating. It adopts AB glue from Korea to provide a bubble-free fit immediately.
Glass Pro provides full-coverage glass and is compatible with almost all protective cases on the market.
Price: $22.99
Where to buy: Cult of Mac Store
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