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Cruella full movie watch

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Disney has released a trailer for Cruella, a film about Cruella de Ville, the elegant malevolence and fur lover of 101 Dalmatians. The film will reveal the heroine's backstory and what she did before deciding to make a fur coat out of puppies. The main role in the film was played by Emma Stone. Craig Gillespie ("Tonya Vs All") was responsible for the direction.

The action takes place in the 1970s when Cruella was Estella and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. At the age of 12 she lost her parents and ended up penniless in London. To survive, she teamed up with two local criminals, petty thieves Horace and Jasper. Once, a chance meeting brought Estella into the world of the young, rich and famous, and a promising rock musician hired her to create an author's jewelry for him. It turned out that Estella is ready to do anything to fulfill her old dream and make her way up.

Two weeks before the launch of Cruella both in theaters and on Disney + with Premier Access, critical responses to the villains' upcoming genesis story have waned. The film is the third live-action episode in the 101 Dalmatians series in which Emma Stone wears black and white hair to play the legendary fur-bearer Cruella De Vil.

Directed by Craig Gillespie and written by Dana Fox and Tony McNamara with a story by Aline Brosh McKenna, Kelly Marcel and Steve Zissis star Cruella Stone and Emma Thompson as Baroness von Hellman, Joel Fry as Jasper, Paul Walter Hauser as Horace, Emily Beecham as Catherine de Vil, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Anita Darling and Mark Strong as John, the baroness's valet. The film is produced by Andrew Gunn, Marc Platt and Kristin Burr, with costumes by Jenny Beavan from Mad Max Fury Road.
Now that the film is set to be released in a few days, it's time to find out what the critics thought. Is Cruella making a name for herself among the other original films that add a little more backstory to our favorite Disney villains, or would it have been better left in the vault? Check out some of the early critical responses below - we'll keep updating them as more are added:

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