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History, Earthy, Mind Maps, Playground Office, King

History, Earthy, Mind Maps, Playground Office, King
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This has been a difficult and intense week.
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👀 Lessons of History
“The most valuable part of history is studying how people behave when the world changes, because it’s the most consistent thing over time.” - Morgan Housel, Permanent Assumptions
“The oldest story of history is that of two sides who don’t agree with each other. It’s probably the most important storyline, the root of nearly every major social event.” - Morgan Housel
Must read:
Same As It Ever Was · Collaborative Fund
🎨 Earthy & Golden
Karst Landscape
Karst Landscape
🧠 Mind Maps
When you are stuck, make a map of your mind.
Making notebook maps
Making notebook maps
How to make a map of your mind - Austin Kleon
💫 Playground Office
Would you return to the office if it looked and felt like a playground?
Interactive entertainment company King‘s new office is seriously playful.
Image credit: King
Image credit: King
🎶 'I Am King' 👑
Florence + The Machine - King
Florence + The Machine - King
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