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Rating: R (Language | Violence | Some Sexual Clues)
Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Mystery and Thriller
Original language: English
Directed by Edward Drake
Producer: Corey Large
Author: Edward Drake, Corey Large
Release date (theater): March 12, 2021 Limited
Release date (streaming): March 12, 2021
Duration: 1h 30m
Production Co: Buffalo 8 Productions, 308 Ent, BondIt Media Capital

The year is 2524 and the earth has had colonies on Mars for centuries. After a disastrous initial exposure to alien life, General Eron Ryle (Frank Grillo) asks the embarrassed General James Ford for help. The invasion is imminent and there is only one man who can save civilization as we know it.

Cosmic Sin doesn't win medals for originality. Co-written and directed by Edward Drake, this sparse space adventure is succinct in character, vague in motivation, and entertaining. Nor is it about nuances, backstories, or more than two-dimensional emotional responses. VFX bears much of the burden while Frank Grillo pledges himself and Bruce Willis calls her.

This also bears more than a passing resemblance to aliens, while Star Trek gets a hat tip as well. Bar fight introductions, that trademark grin, and a low murmur allow Bruce Willis to sleep through this role. Frank Grillo now only has about 30 minutes of screen time, while screenwriter Corey Large makes more of an impression as a supporting actor.
Scenes are often time stamped to create urgency, while bizarre moments of mind-melding with Bruce Willis unnecessarily confuse things. Unfortunately, both actors spend very little time together in the same room, while Bruce Willis seems bored and indifferent. Thankfully, that trait didn't affect his co-star, who remains extremely present throughout and saves the movie.

Despite Eron Ryle's random disappearance for 30 minutes halfway through, there are enough character beats to know who is wearing Cosmic Sin. Frank Grillo is underestimated and productive in his works and achievements and has sold this film from the start. His co-star may have the look of someone pondering how to spend his fee instead of earning it, but watching General Eron Ryle's audience will have no such illusions.
This film has been his from the start and Frank Grillo is sorely missed when Bruce Willis fills the screen with little performance. Based on that evidence and work ethic alone, today's Hollywood superstar should hang his hat. If the audience had hoped to find John McClane in space, there will likely be many disappointed people after the ninety minutes is up. That being said, there's more than enough about a marquee pay-check gamer's disinterest here to keep the crowd watching.

Cosmic sin may be knowingly inferred, but it gets by with buckets of everyone else's charism and commitment. Sol Cantos by C.J. Perry is a brave grunt full of bullshit, while Adelaide Kane's Fiona Ardene does her best as a resourceful tech engineer. On top of that, this alien invasion movie by the numbers delivers high tech slaughter, passable one-liners, and a little world end crisis without going beyond the greeting.

A group of military men confronts a recently discovered alien civilization.

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