On Britannia

By Council on Geostrategy

A twice-weekly roundup from the Council on Geostrategy on British foreign policy-related commentary and news.

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On Britannia - Issue #39

Sky news released an article about the UK and Ireland and catastrophic events.A new study suggests that in the case of some terrible catastrophic event, the UK and Ireland are of the few nations that are fit to survive said event.The US Defense Secretary spok…


On Britannia - Issue #38

In Wuhan, the Chinese government is making a 15-square mile cyber security center.In order to try to make themselves a cyber power house, the campus will host a number of programs, including cyber security school.France and Japan officially said they will col…


On Britannia - Issue #37

The United Kingdom has said they blame the Chinese government for continual hacking.The United Kingdom, along with other countries of similar ideals, blame the Chinese government for supporting the hackers who gained access to computer networks which affected…


On Britannia - Issue #36

The International Agreements Committee is meeting today at 11:30 AM.They will discuss the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The inquiry will focus on a final trade deal.Britain will be building a space station to m…


On Britannia - Issue #35

The Chinese are seeking to gain new streams of data that will help with the future of AI in their military.Chinese IT products have been going global recently. Now, the Chinese government has access to never before data to help them with their AI.The Kremlin …


On Britannia - Issue #34

China is looking to set restrictions on Chinese companies listed overseas.The Chinese government wants to start setting restrictions on the Chinese companies that Americans profit from. This could complicate the economic relationship between China and America…


On Britannia - Issue #33

Japan says it will come to the help of Taiwan if there is Chinese aggression.Japan's deputy prime minister said if the Chinese attack Taiwan, it will come to the aid of Taiwan and America. The deputy prime minister fears if Taiwan is taken, Japanese islands c…


On Britannia - Issue #32

China is planning on investing money into Afghanistan and further their influence in the regionWith the USA and allies leaving the country in the coming months, China wants to invest in Afghanistan financially and try and have their influence present in the a…


On Britannia - Thursday 1st July

China demands that the Hong Kong legal system reflect Chinese values and interestsIn a continuation of the gradual eradication of freedoms in Hong Kong, China has announced its intent that the judiciary in Hong Kong take note of Chinese values and interests w…


On Britannia - Monday 28th June

Classified MoD documents found at bus stop in KentOn Tuesday morning last week sensitive documents were found by a member of the public, who later contacted the BBC. One set pertained to possible Russian reactions to HMS Defender’s actions in the Black Sea an…


On Britannia - Thursday 24th June

HMS Defender encounters Russian military activity in the Black SeaRussia’s Ministry of Defence claimed to have fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of HMS Defender as she was undertaking a freedom of navigation operation through Russian-occupied …


On Britannia - Monday 21st June

Armin Laschet warns against a new Cold War with ChinaHot on the heels of UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s comments about France and Germany not fully comprehending the threat posed by China, the frontrunner to replace Angela Merkel as Chancellor has said th…


On Britannia - Thursday 17th June

Presidents Biden and Putin met in GenevaSurrounded by a chaotic press pit, the leaders of America and Russia met in person for the first time yesterday. Although nothing concrete was announced, Putin stated that discussions about replacing New START would beg…


On Britannia - Monday 14th June

ISIS attack on UK charity camp in AfghanistanISKP, the Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan, launched an attack on a camp owned by Scottish demining charity the Halo trust in the country’s Baghlan province. The attack, which killed 10 aid workers and inju…


On Britannia - Thursday 10th June

G7 nations to sign a new "Transatlantic Charter"Prime Minister Johnson and President Biden are reported to have committed to a new partnership to boost trade and research development across the Atlantic, whilst promising a strong response to limit Chinese inf…


On Britannia – Monday 7th June

PM to declare roadmap for complete global vaccinations by end-2022PM Boris Johnson tweeted yesterday that he would lay out a roadmap at the upcoming G7 summit in Cornwall on the 11th for complete global vaccination against the Coronavirus by the end of 2022.T…


On Britannia - Thursday 3rd June

UK Intelligence agencies acknowledge ‘feasibility’ of Covid lab leak theoryIn a significant development reported by both The Times and The Daily Mirror, sources with Britain’s intelligence community have acknowledged that the possibility of the Covid-19 virus…


On Britannia - Thursday 27th May

As G7 trade ministers' meeting kicks off, Truss calls for WTO reformOne of many ministerial meetings to happen in advance of the coming G7 summit in a few weeks, ahead of the trade-focused one happening over the next two days, Liz Truss is urging fellow atten…


On Britannia - Monday 24th May

Civilians hauled off forcibly landed plane in BelarusIn the biggest foreign policy story of the day, the regime of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus forced a Ryanair flight travelling from Athens to Vilnius to land in Minsk yesterday citing a bomb threat as jus…


On Britannia - Thursday 20th May

Does 'Global Britain' have an appetite for free trade?Boris Johnson has had to speak in defence of a coming trade deal with Australia in light of a Cabinet divide over the issue. The Prime Minister is said to side with Liz Truss, the international trade secre…