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On Britannia - Thursday 24th June

On Britannia
Thursday 24th June, by Richard Payne
Today’s news cycle is dominated by Russian claims that they fired warning shots at HMS Defender in the Black Sea and drove the vessel out of Ukrainian waters - that Russia views as its own after the illegal annexation of Crimea. The British government flatly denies the claims.

Leading the Agenda
HMS Defender encounters Russian military activity in the Black Sea
Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed to have fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of HMS Defender as she was undertaking a freedom of navigation operation through Russian-occupied Ukrainian territorial waters. The British Ministry of Defence denies the claims.
Professor Mark Galeotti writes in the Spectator about Russia’s overblown reaction to HMS Defender’s presence in the Black Sea, and his article in Britains World at the start of HMS Defender’s deployment predicted a similar reaction.
A leaked report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggests the Earth is closer to climate tipping points than previously thought
Published by Agence France-Presse, the report highlights concerns that global warming will trigger a series of potentially irreversible tipping points that will cause climate change to spiral out of control sooner than previously thought.
‘Being Open, Despite the Past’
Russian President Vladimir Putin published an article on Tuesday in German paper Die Zeit marking the 80th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Russia. He states that Russia is open to ‘honest and constructive interaction’ with Europe, two days before the FT breaks the story that Macron and Merkel want to consider inviting Putin to EU summits again.
Under the Radar
India meets with Taliban in Afghanistan: with the Taliban making gains in the face of American withdrawal from the region, The Times reports that Indian diplomats had met with the Taliban in recent weeks. This marks a major break from previous Indian policy, as the Taliban have close relations with Pakistan, a key rival of India.
News from the think tank world: The British Foreign Policy Group have released a report examining how Britain could engage with its diaspora around the world, and what benefits it might gain from doing so.
News from the Council on Geostrategy: on Monday, we released a new primer by James Rogers finalising our Discursive Statecraft series and making recommendations on how to address positioning efforts by allies and rivals alike. We also published a new article on Britain’s World from our Charles Pasley Intern, which assesses the future of British counter-terrorism operations.
We are also hosting a free event at 1PM on Wednesday the 30th of June on the CCP’s centenary event on the 1st of July, with Tom Tugendhat MP, Charles Parton OBE and Dr. John Hemmings as speakers.
Over and Out
Nothing further to report today, so all that remains is to wish you all the best of weekends and hopefully we’ll see you again on Monday!
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