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On Britannia - Thursday 17th June

On Britannia
Thursday 17th June, by Richard Payne
This week the news cycle has been dominated by talks of summits and meetings between US President Joe Biden and his allies and rivals in Europe as America reassures the rest of the West that it is back in business as normal mode.

Leading the Agenda
Presidents Biden and Putin met in Geneva
Surrounded by a chaotic press pit, the leaders of America and Russia met in person for the first time yesterday. Although nothing concrete was announced, Putin stated that discussions about replacing New START would begin soon and Biden said he had warned Putin that the consequences of anything happening to Navalny would be “severe”.
The US-NATO summit declaration highlighted the importance of cyberwarfare and the space domain in the future
With Russia and China firmly in the cross-hairs, the NATO communique committed the alliance to its Comprehensive Cyber Defence Policy (para 32) and to treating attacks on members’ space capabilities as a valid reason to trigger Article 5 on a case by case basis (para 33). This comes as the UK government announced a recruitment drive for hundreds of new recruits for Portland Down over the next year and pushes ahead with plans to bring space launch capabilities to UK soil.
The United Kingdom has been warned that it is dangerously underprepared to face the challenges of climate change.
Increased risks of heatwaves in major cities and increased risks of flooding across the entire country are just some of the issues the country faces as the independent Climate Change Committee released a report stating critical infrastructure, homes and businesses are not resilient enough to cope with faster warming predictions.
Under the Radar
China has launched a 3 astronaut team to its new space station - it will be the country’s longest space mission yet at three months long, aimed at bringing its Tianhe module into full operation. China has rapidly advanced its space capabilities in the last few years, becoming the third country to successfully land a rover on Mars and separately taking samples on the Moon.
News from the think tank world - Writing for Chatham House, Hameed Hakami discusses the consequences of American withdrawal from Afghanistan: “a reduction in aid; diminishing political and diplomatic interest; and the intensification of a proxy war in Afghanistan by countries in the region.”
News from Parliament - The Speaker of the House has insisted that the Government holds press conferences no earlier than a concurrent briefing in Parliament, and the Prime Minister made an announcement regarding the G7 and NATO Summits.
News from the Council on Geostrategy - on Tuesday, Professor Richard Whitman released a new article on Britain’s World titled “Success guaranteed for the European Union-United States Summit”, taking a playful look at how he expected the US-EU summit to go.
Over and out
That’s it for this week! See you all on Monday for the next edition of On Britannia.
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