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On Britannia - Monday 14th June

On Britannia
Monday 14th June, by Archisman Goswami and Richard Payne
With the G7 summit having concluded without a hitch yesterday, rumours emerging regarding Russia apparent sale of the Kanopus-V satellite system to Iran and India reiterating its support for a global enquiry into the origins of Covid-19 and the Chinese government’s potential role, the folks at the FCDO continue to have their hands full this week, as usual.

Leading the Agenda
ISIS attack on UK charity camp in Afghanistan
ISKP, the Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan, launched an attack on a camp owned by Scottish demining charity the Halo trust in the country’s Baghlan province. The attack, which killed 10 aid workers and injured 16, appears to have been targeted at the country’s Hazara minority, and brings to light the continued security threats posed to British citizens and strategic interests in Afghanistan even as violence in the country escalates.
US and UK reaffirm special relationship at G7 summit
Both US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reaffirmed the enduring nature of diplomatic ties between Whitehall and Washington, with both heads of state noting the indestructibility of the special relationship in an age of major geopolitical change.
Raab and MBS discuss Anglo-Saudi cooperation on security, countering Iran and climate change
British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman met in Riyadh last week, where as per a Foreign Office statement they both reiterated the continued geopolitical convergences between their two countries in stemming the malign influence of Iran in regional politics and with regard to the ongoing conflict in Yemen. Further cooperation in the field of environmental security and particularly with regard to combating climate change was also discussed.
Under the Radar
UK promises extradition of economic offenders to India at the earliest - Spokesperson of India’s External Affairs Ministry Arindam Baghchi informed journalists at his weekly briefing that the UK had reassured India that it was taking all necessary steps to extradite Indian economic offenders based in Britain to face questioning by Indian agencies. While acknowledging that legal hurdles had slowed down the process, British authorities assured their Indian authorities that the offenders in question would be returned to India as soon as possible, as had been previously declared by UK courts.
News from the think tank world and media - Andrew Marshall has written an article for the Atlantic Council discussing the resonance of the new Atlantic Charter signed between President Biden and PM Johnson last week at the G7 summit. He notes that while disagreements have existed between London and Washington at various points in time, a shared understanding of common goals and values between the two is what has underpinned ties between the two over much of the past century and holds particular importance today. 
News from Parliament - The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee has extended the deadlines for submitting evidence for two of its enquiries. The deadline for the inquiry on ‘Implementing the Integrated Review in Nigeria’ has been extended to the 18th of this month while that for ‘Tech and the future of UK foreign policy’ has been extended to the 22nd.
News from the Council on Geostrategy - Our latest Britain’s World article, written by Mark Galeotti, looks at what we can expect from the HMS Defender in the Black Sea. Click here to read.
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