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On Britannia - Issue #39





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On Britannia
Hello to all from us here at the Council on Geostrategy. We hope your week has been going great as we begin to look forward to Friday and the weekend.

Leading the agenda
Sky news released an article about the UK and Ireland and catastrophic events.
A new study suggests that in the case of some terrible catastrophic event, the UK and Ireland are of the few nations that are fit to survive said event.
The US Defense Secretary spoke on the Carrier Strike Group during his visit to Singapore.
Lloyd Austin talked about how America supports its allies in the region, emphasized his support for the British-led Carrier Strike Group, and denounced Chinese claims in the South China Sea.
The Carrier Strike Group has officially entered the South China Sea.
The CSG was recently in Singapore but now is headed to the South China Sea despite Chinese warnings.
Under the radar
News from the World: AI has showed that Iran is getting relatively close to being able to enrich Uranium.
News from Parliament: All is quiet on Westminster Front, due to recess.
News from the Think Tank World: Chatham House is holding a conference in October having to do with cyber security.
News from the Council on Geostrategy: We have a paper by William Young about rebuilding British innovation to become a world leader that will be out later today.
Over and out
Over the next month we are going to be considering alternative formats for On Britannia, so you will not be receiving it in your inboxes for the coming weeks. If you still want to keep abreast of all of our news, please consider following our Twitter or signing up to our other mailing lists!
We hope you all have a fantastic rest of your Thursday.
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A twice-weekly roundup from the Council on Geostrategy on British foreign policy-related commentary and news.

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