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On Britannia - Issue #38

On Britannia
Good morning to all, we hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here are some of the news headlines since Friday.

Leading the Agenda
In Wuhan, the Chinese government is making a 15-square mile cyber security center.
In order to try to make themselves a cyber power house, the campus will host a number of programs, including cyber security school.
France and Japan officially said they will collaborate with allies in the Indo-Pacific region to help with security and climate change.
The two countries decided that the agreement between the two countries that was made in 2019 will continue.
Former head of NCSC, Ciaran Martin, says the Chinese purchase of the Wafer fab chip creates a massive risk.
Ciaran Martin says it is a larger risk than Huawei’s involvement in the 5G network.
Under the Radar
News from the World: The US and Germany agree on Nord Stream 2 which will double Russian gas exports to Germany.
News from Parliament: Parts of the Parliamentary Estate is flooded today and might cause a delays in the Restoration and Renewal Program.
News from the Think Tank World: The Brookings Institute held an event on 23 July about the future of the EU-US privacy shield.
News from the Council on Geostrategy: On the 28 July we are hosting an event discussing the possible Chinese reactions to the Carrier Strike Group. We also have two papers coming out tomorrow and Thursday.
Over and out
That is all from us for today, we hope you have a great start to your week.
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