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On Britannia - Issue #35





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On Britannia
Thursday, 15th July, by Jackson Scott
Good morning to you all, we hope the tube complications this week have not disrupted anyone’s schedule too much. Here are some top headlines since Monday.

Leading the Agenda
The Chinese are seeking to gain new streams of data that will help with the future of AI in their military.
Chinese IT products have been going global recently. Now, the Chinese government has access to never before data to help them with their AI.
The Kremlin is concerned about attempts at home and abroad to undermine its power
Due to this concern, the Russian government is now taking strides to further remove their citizens from the influence of outside voices. Recently, the Russian government has grown worrisome of Western governments’ involvement in Russian affairs.
The European Commission decides on a new climate plan.
The European Commission has now made a goal of reducing greenhouse emissions by 55% by 2030, in relation to what it was in 1990. This is the first step towards making Europe climate-neutral by 2050.
Under the Radar
News from the World: Rear Admiral Mike Studeman of the United States Navy is pleading for Washington to take the threat of China more seriously.
News from Parliament: The Government won the debate on Tuesday to confirm the cutting the foreign aid budget. 24 Tory MP’s rebelled, including former PM Theresa May.
News from the Think Tank World: The Brookings Institution is holding an event on July 23 about the future of U.S. and EU relations after the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield was voided.
Council of Geostrategy: Today we are hosting an event discussing the Minsk Accords and how to stop the Russian occupation of Ukraine. It will take place at 12:00 PM.
Over and out
That is all from us here at the Council on Geostrategy, we hope you all have a fantastic end of the week and good weekend. We will see you Monday.
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